Various Hoboken boats

What Hoboken boats do you see each week?

Since Hoboken borders a large body of water, we’re luck to get pretty good exposure to a variety of boats throughout the year. Naturally, we have the NY Waterway to commute on, the Yankee Ferry as an attraction, and get to see giant cruise ships we wouldn’t want be caught dead on. Some Hoboken boats even visit us on land, like after Hurricane Sandy.

But some vessels aren’t so easy to pin down why they visit Hoboken.

Here’s one example: Quite often – one or more Army Corps of Engineers boats is seen docked down by the Lackawanna Plaza. Anyone know exactly why they’re here?

Army Corps of Engineers boat in Hoboken NJ - Various Hoboken boats

Here’s a quick video clip of a tugboat taking off last week. This “crane / tug” certainly churned up a lot of brown muck from the bottom of the Hudson. I lost my appetite after… (Sped up 3X with soundtrack to spare you the boredom I went through filming the thing for 2 minutes while my dog yanked his leash).

Hubert Bays HT-100 stayed in Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy

And what about this massive boat? A little online search found a few webpages – Marine Traffic vaguely said the Hubert Bays vessel was a “tug boat,” while another website Find the Data called the Hubert Bays a Double Hull “Liquid Tank Barge” that apparently could hold 2 million gallons of fluid.

It was stationed down here for a long time after Hurricane Sandy… Were they pumping toxic waste out of the PATH station?

Does anyone even pay attention to these unique Hoboken boats? Or are they heads down in their smartphones?

Hubert Bays and HT 100 in Hoboken NJ - Various Hoboken boats

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Corrupt Town
Corrupt Town
Thursday, February 28, 2013 9:38 am

The Hubert Bays boat was being used by NY Waterway to fuel their boats. I would often see boats there early in the morning before their fist run.

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