Banned text messaging


This law kind of makes sense, as it’s pretty distracting to type a txt message while driving.

They should also ban text messaging while walking in Hoboken. I saw a guy yesterday trip over some garbage and almost fall into the street while fiddling with his phone. What can we ban next after that? “Smexting” (txt messaging while smoking outside a bar)?

Text Messaging While Driving is Banned in NJ

Gov. Jon Corzine signed a bill today that prohibits text messaging while driving a motor vehicle and makes it a first-degree offense, meaning police can stop motorists solely for seeing them text messaging.

The legislation (S-1099/A-4146) extends the existing law that prohibits drivers from talking on handheld phones. The law now bans text messaging on phones or on any electronic device.

Previously, a violation was a second-degree offense, meaning motorists could only be ticketed if they were pulled over for some other violation. The fine for violating the law is $100.


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Sunnybrook– why does trenton have to solve the amount of murders in Newark, why can’t their great mayor solve that problem? Why should tax payers of NJ have to pay for their problems?

As for text messaging– I do it in the car– I don’t hold my phone up and usually get a message in while sitting at a red light, so I am not doing while driving down the road. And yes, 411 I do it while walking as well, but have yet to fall into the street …. I say yet 🙂


Yet another “feel good” law passed by the democrats. Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t our representatives time be better spent on figuring out ways to lower the murder rate in Newark? I’m neither a Rep. or Dem., but it seems to me this should be the priority in Trenton. Call me crazy…then again, an agenda on reducing black-on-black crime would make too much sense and of course be called racist. God, this country is so ass-backward…


Well said ajm,as i understand the police cannot pull some one over for using a communication device as a primary reason for the stop. but reckless and careless driving is there to use but the average cop does want to put his own phone down to do their job.


All of these are already illegal… it’s called reckless driving


It just seems too hard to enforce to make it a law. Reading the newspaper on the way to work in your car is a bad idea too, but is it illegal? You shouldn’t make laws that seem impossible to enforce fairly without giving the cops more latitude than I would like them to get.