Hoboken Photo Leftovers: Feb. 23rd

Hoboken photo remains of the week: February 23, 2013

What Hoboken photo leftovers made the cut this week?

Hoboken photo leftovers February 23 2013 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers: Feb. 23rd

In the photo gallery below:

  • Photo 1: Oh boy, Hoboken Leprecon is a week from today. Seven day forecast indicates that it will be cold and rainy. Will that keep crowds down, or just cause more traffic accidents?
  • Photo 2: Did you know that Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ (515 Washington) has a lunch special with chicken, rice and beans for just $5 bucks? Talk about affordable!
  • Photo 3: United Water was busy this week. Here’s a shot of a main break at 9th & Bloomfield.
  • Photo 4: The “big-mama” of water main breaks was downtown on Newark St. earlier this week. You ever wonder if United Water should just permanently have crews on standby? Either way, they mended the situation in about one day. Could have been worse.
  • Photo 5: Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar should not be confused with the other “Oscar” Oscar Pistorius who got in trouble with a gun.

Enjoy the day, Hoboken!

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