Positive Hoboken Graffiti – OK?

More positive Hoboken graffiti pops up

As an update to this oxymoronic “positive Hoboken graffiti” thread – I present you with a few more that we’ve noticed around town recently.

This just begs the question: Seems like some liberal buffoons out there believe that if the “message is positive,” it makes criminal vandalism legitimate! OK, What if someone spray painted your car with giant letters spelling out “LOVE?”

Doubt you’ll be feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Anyway – here are a few examples:

Life teaches what in Hoboken?

postive hoboken graffiti life teaches love reveals

This magic marker graffiti was spotted on the edge of Pier A Park in Hoboken.

It read “Life Teaches – Love Reveals.” What in God’s name was he thinking? A phrase sounds so “deep” and you feel like damaging city property? Get over yourself!

Not sure what drugs this vandal was taking, but his simplified message was completely full of shit, too.

First of all – “Life” encompasses everything in it – up to and including “love.” So his message was riddled with inaccuracies to begin with. These stupid “sayings” can often drive idiots in the wrong direction. And judging by the scribblings on the park benches – this moron is well on his way.

Hoboken411’s message to this menace to society? “You were taught wrong, and will never realize it!”

Ignorance is bliss in Hoboken

positive hoboken graffiti free environmental advice stay happy

This “stay happy” graffiti tag is nothing new (see the photo gallery after the jump). However, in this particular case – I see a purpose for this “message.”

You see – the sign underneath the “stay happy” tag – is an environmental warning / cleanup sign. Saying this property is under investigation, with possible remediation measures taking place in the future. This is about a block or two from the Hoboken Shoprite.

This guy most likely didn’t read the official sign underneath – but he kind of sent the message most Hoboken residents already know. “Keep your head in the sand. Nothing to see or worry about here. Just keep watching Reality TV and reading People Magazine. Everything will be OK, and you will be happy forever!”


Free painting canvasses in Hoboken! (if you don’t get busted)

Positive Hoboken Graffiti free canvas

Lastly – for today’s update – take a look at this tag. “FREE.”

I was thinking, besides this being this taggers name – that it could imply a number of things:

  • “If I get busted, I get free lodging, meals and blankets for between 30 and 90 days!”
  • “This message was free because I nicked this spray paint from the hardware store on Washington Street!”
  • “They just released me from prison and said I was “free.” I thought that meant I could do anything, regardless of these ridiculous laws!”

See – the one thing I cannot understand is – that if someone defaced the property of these guys that vandalized (like their Timberlands, Honda Accords, or Sean John sweatshirts) they’d be LIVID!

You ever wonder how they justify damaging other people’s property (and that it costs money to remidiate), and they expect their lives to remain untouched? Is any of this TRULY “justified?”

Does Positive Hoboken Graffiti offend you less?


Positive Hoboken GraffitiI’ve noticed a trend in criminal vandalism lately in town. The messages aren’t necessarily “tags” anymore (like TOAK last year), nor are they “anti-establishment” (“F*ck DA Police!”).

What we have now is a trend towards positive Hoboken graffiti.

“Be Yourself,” or “I’m happy you’re alive” and others. Are kids now just happier? High on better drugs? Crazy socialist media and other charity causes? Something in the drinking water? School curriculum? More “gubmint” benefits? Something ain’t right in my book.

Perhaps this is where Chemistry.com did their research when they rated Hoboken Most Optimistic City amongst singles? Maybe they left a word or two off… Single graffiti taggers!

I’m sure when the property owners are cleaning the paint off, they’re certainly not “Whistling Dixie!”

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I think all graffiti is ugly and would rather not have it at all, but its better than the “Tits Out Crew” that is on the telephone pole outside of my apartment, so it could be worse!


I wouldn’t agree with disqualifying work that isn’t “Banksy quality”. There are so many great “street” artists that have been creating word-class art for years and began doing (illicit) street art. Shepard Fairey, Ron English, etc.. to name a few.

Hoboken is a town overrun with commuters who have a day-in, day-out routine: a little pick-me-up like “BE HAPPY” on the way to the PATH train is hardly anything to get grumpy about. In fact, it kind of defeats the purpose… no? It’s a city. Graffiti is inevitable… it might as well be positive!

Granted, graffiti is graffiti and is often done without the property owner’s consent. But, for me personally: positive, creative, thought-provoking, clever street art will always be something that I believes does more good than harm.


I actually kind of like it – good post here 411. I think it adds character to the town in a town that’s starting to lose it. I mean granted, it’s not the best for property owners and it’s technically illegal, but I like the positive messages. I think on some buildings it looks good.


They’re reaching out for attention. Because painting on a canvas doesn’t do enough for their egos.


Banksy quality yes, but not much else. 99% of graffiti is the product of no talent scroungers and adds nothing to the quality of anyone existance.