Hoboken water main break on Newark

Downtown Mess – Hoboken water main break on Newark Street

Shortly after midnight tonight – a Hoboken water main break happened once again, this time near 450 Newark Street.

Police on scene said the conditions are so bad, spilling into Observer Highway, and freezing almost instantly. A giant nightmare. They also said that the entire road appears as if it’s going to completely collapse – and the carnage is now stretched up to 400 Newark Street.

Advice? Avoid the area for tomorrow morning’s commute. This couldn’t have happened in a worse location!

Hoboken Water Main Break Newark Street

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Thursday, February 21, 2013 12:15 pm

Apartment buildings around this water main break have no running water (i.e. no toilets working!)…policer officer outside said it could be a few days before this is fixed. Having trouble getting an update from the city though…

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