Hoboken most optimistic city, really?

Dopey dating site calls Hoboken most optimistic city; forgot meds

Jeez Louise. Now I’ve heard it all. Some poll said that Hoboken was the most optimistic city amongst singles in America.

What does that tell you in reality? Here’s what we think are some possibilities:

  • They interviewed younger people who’ve been fully conditioned by the media and politicians into thinking “everything is OK!!”
  • People who took the poll moved to Hoboken after Hurricane Sandy.
  • Poll respondents hadn’t opened their property tax bills or bank statements in months

And the most likely reason? Hoboken has more delusional people per square mile than any other city!

See article below…

The Science of Optimism – Hoboken most optimistic city

Would you call yourself more optimistic than most people? Chemistry.com singles in cities like Hoboken, NJ, Redondo Beach, CA, and Santa Fe, New Mexico answered “yes” through our personality test, and I can definitely see why these singles are looking on the bright side! These men and women have several traits in common: they are confident that their way of doing things will work out; they have a plan for where they want to be in five years; they never enter any competition expecting to lose; and when they do lose, they focus on how they can do better next time.

Here is the full list of The Most Optimistic Singles in America:

Hoboken optimistic

  1. Hoboken, NJ
  2. Redondo Beach, CA
  3. Santa Fe, NM
  4. Naperville, IL
  5. Boca Raton, FL
  6. Newport Beach, CA
  7. Mountain View, CA
  8. Waukesha, WI
  9. Scottsdale, AZ
  10. Irvine, CA

So why are singles in these cities so optimistic? They undoubtedly have some common past experiences, but I suspect they also share some basic brain chemistry. Every member of Chemistry.com takes this same personality test, a questionnaire that measures the constellation of traits linked with four basic brain systems: dopamine, serotonin, testosterone and estrogen. The dopamine system is linked with a sunny personality. And, as I expected, those living in most of these 10 cities are Explorers, men and women highly expressive of the traits linked with dopamine. Explorers are natural optimists.

However, these cities are also packed with men and women who are highly expressive to the traits linked with estrogen, a brain system not associated with optimism. Estrogen rich men and women (whom I call Negotiators) tend to see the big picture; they are intuitive, imaginative and mentally flexible; they have superb people skills; and they are emotionally expressive. Could it be that Negotiators, who also tend to think long-term, see the many sides of any issue, and are more accepting of ethnic, religious and intellectual diversity, are also more optimistic? Apparently so.

Optimistic singles can live by many credos—among them, to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind; to talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet; to make all your friends feel that there is something in them; and to look at the sunny side of everything. These precepts are good for your health.

But optimism can also be precarious. Optimists see life through rose-colored glasses, what psychologists call the “pink-lens effect.” This can lead to self-delusion. So be optimistic, with caution. Expect positive outcomes; then work to reach these goals. You will “self-correct” if you optimism becomes unrealistic. And as you adjust your focus on more attainable objectives, you will rejuvenate your optimism.

You’ll get other perks, too. Friends, relatives, lovers and colleagues all flock to a sunny personality.

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Parking boots, potholes and people jumping off buildings almost every day. Yeah, that sure is a reason for optimism! What a crock.


Adding to the list: burning buildings, collapsed parks and piers, bonding, leprecon…[quote comment=”219556″]Parking boots, potholes and people jumping off buildings almost every day. Yeah, that sure is a reason for optimism! What a crock.[/quote]