How to prevent Hoboken GPS Theft

Hoboken GPS theft is is simple to stop!

We’ve talked about Hoboken GPS thefts a lot in the past seven years here on Hoboken411

And while it’s not my highest priority to be a “common sense” coach, because well, it’s called common sense for a reason, because everyone should commonly have it.

But every day while myself and Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar are out and about – I see dozens of cars parked with the GPS unit suction-cupped to the windshield.

Hoboken GPS Theft - How to prevent Hoboken GPS Theft

Common sense tips to prevent Hoboken GPS Thefts

  1. Never leave it visible. It takes less than 10 seconds to smash your window and run off with your GPS.
  2. And don’t be lazy and shove it in the back seat. Criminals have eyes too.
  3. Buy some cheap micro-fiber cloths and keep a few in the glove box. And wipe the GPS marks OFF the windshield.

Just because you park in what was once known as an “upscale” area – doesn’t mean that you’re immune to petty street crime. Not anymore these days. The economy is worsening, and the boundaries for invasions and annoyances like this are expanding.

Why rely on GPS? Don’t you want to KNOW where you’re going?

GPS Nearest Cliff Please - How to prevent Hoboken GPS TheftBetter idea? Why not do something more sensible.

STOP relying on GPS maps, and study the geography and transportation system a bit more. Committing “directional awareness” to your memory lasts a lifetime, and helps you keep your eyes on the road. Another good idea is to invest in paper maps too. Believe it or not, it’s kind of fun to learn, you know?

Back when I was much younger, I was fascinated by the spiral bound Road Atlas of the USA we had in the house – I’d actually study them, understand how the roads connected, and so on. And even today – before I make any trip to any area I’ve never been – I actually commit to memory the general route, exit numbers, parallel roads, and the overall layout of the destination and everything in between. Takes a few minutes – but it makes you more self-reliant.

Some people become clueless if their map-robot breaks or if they lose charge on their cell phone. You might as well throw them in the middle of the Sahara. Because that’s what they’ll feel like after getting dumbed-down by the GPS (I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of idiots driving off cliffs because the GPS robot told them, right?)

Carry on, folks!

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joey maxim
joey maxim
Thursday, February 21, 2013 7:54 am

Unless there is a passenger along with the driver,the smart phone is not a good idea.Somewhat like one texing while driving,solo..btw the three major GPS’S are not really that cheap depending on ones budget..Most new cars have the gps already installed in them..As for the gps losing it’s charge the port for the cigerette lighter can keep the charge,unless the newer cars do not have them..One can charge their gps on their Pc or laptop..Windshields are a good place to apply them ,except for the dash board.All are useless with a thief..Their favorate tool was or is a spark plug to shatter the window..Best bet remove the item when one parks the vehicle..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 5:22 pm

Also smart phones do a lot of what stand alone gps units do. People will almost always remember their phones.

Maps: Some people fall short w/r/t spacial reasoning are utterly mystified by maps. For some your prescription might be almost akin to teaching dogs to play cards.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 4:58 pm

Just leaving your car parked on the street isn’t even safe in Hoboken. The best solution is to install a delayed kill switch if you’re going to park on the street. But that still doesn’t prevent theft from a tow truck. For that you need to park in a tight space (don’t ever park adjacent to a driveway or at the end of the street).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 4:27 pm

GPS is so cheap these days, if people are so lazy they can’t remove them, might as well just leave the doors unlocked then. Saves you the hassle of getting the window replaced.

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