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Poplar Wood Farm opens new pole barn

Poplar Wood Farm Port Murray NJ logo - Poplar Wood FarmEarlier this year, we featured local Port Murray, NJ Farmer Al Esposito and Poplar Wood Farm on Hoboken411. In doing so, we helped them raise enough money to build their new barn to help them keep up with demand. Was a fantastic experience helping a great project like this become a reality.

Last weekend, they held their “Barn opening,” and invited those who either contributed to the Kickstarter project, or partake in their 2013 Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA). We all got a tour of the facility – which was in two locations about 4 miles apart, and were six and 10 acres in size. Their smaller “home” farm consisted of a greenhouse where they get the plants started, as well as a chicken coop. The larger property is where the final products are grown. The new barn was on the smaller property, and was designed to facilitate the cleaning, sorting and packaging of the fruits, vegetables and flowers. Previously it was a laborious process which involved shuttling material back and forth.

Poplar Wood Farm grows enough fresh (non-GMO) produce to provide for 60 families who are enrolled in the CSA program, as well as weekly farmers markets in Hoboken, Jersey City and Pennsylvania.

The day was fun. On top of learning how the farm works inside and out, the different varieties of plants, as well as the challenges they faced – we were also entertained by a small acoustic band. Farmer Al and his family were a great bunch of hard-working people that we were glad to meet.

You want to support a local NJ farm? Head over to the Uptown Family Farmers Market every Saturday this spring and summer!

Update: Hoboken represents Poplar Wood Farm!

2/21/2013 Update:

Poplar Wood Farm owner Al Esposito wants to thank Hoboken for the huge surge he received in his Kickstarter project since we published the story yesterday. They’re getting really close to reaching their goal! You still have a couple days left to make a pledge!

“Wow, that was an incredible day. Our project made tremendous progress yesterday and we are now less than $5,000 away from reaching our goal and being able to build a barn that is going to transform the way we operate and increase our capacity. We had our largest pledge yet (from our Hoboken friends) and couldn’t believe the momentum that it created.

Even though we still have a big challenge ahead over the next 72 hours, we are so enthused by yesterday’s progress. Thank you so much for everything you have done so far to make our project a success! Without the huge step we took yesterday, it is unlikely we would be in a position to reach the goal.

We will continue to keep you posted on the happenings at Poplar Wood.”

Help Poplar Wood Farm build new barn in NJ via Kickstarter


A little over a month ago – Poplar Wood Farm in Port Murray, NJ started a Kickstarter Project to help them build a new pole barn.

You might know Poplar Wood Farm because they are a weekly vendor at the new 14th Street Family Farmers Market uptown.

Poplar Wood Farms short of their goal – just a few days left!

Here’s their initial pitch to crowd source their pole barn:

“Ample work space to wash, pack and store the fruits of their labors has become a focus point for this Port Murray, New Jersey family farm that grows vegetables, flowers and herbs using sustainable and organic methods.

Farmer Al Esposito stated “Having a pole barn will help us to become more efficient and enable us to bring our crops to a larger group of people.” A pole barn is a simple structure built with a wood frame and a metal shell that is commonly used in agriculture for storage.”

They’re about $12,000 short to build this new barn – which will allow them to provide even more “Jersey Fresh” locally grown produce to area residents. And the project ends in just a few days!

If just 120 residents donated a $100 each – they’d reach their goal.

They’d also reach the goal if just 70 residents donated $180 each (and they’d get a dozen organic eggs a week, too!)

Note that if they fall just ONE CENT short of the goal – they won’t receive any of the money already pledged.

And if you’re feeling generous (and have the money to spare) – they have some cool high-end backer packages – which include an entire season of fresh vegetables. Imagine not having to think about your veggie purchases for the entire growing season? Holy healthy, Batman!

The Kickstarter project ends at 9pm on Saturday, February 23rd.


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Thursday, May 23, 2013 1:30 pm

Looks like a great place– Will definitely swing by when they are at the Farmer’s Market!

Sweet Thunder
Sweet Thunder
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 1:39 pm

Sounds like a great place- I really hope they meet their goal!

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