Hunt Entry #4


Last but not least, is “Stpaddygirl’s” Hunt entry. Voting will start shortly.

Hunt Entry #4

On Saturday October 20, The Far Hills Race Meeting an eighty-seven year old tradition was held at Moorland Farms. The Far Hills Race showcases some of the finest steeplechasers in the world. “The Hunt” as it is more commonly known is one of the country’s top fundraisers and brings together a “well heeled” group of people for a day of both steeple chasing and tailgating. More than 50,000 spectators attend the event which since the 1950’s has raised more than $16 million dollars for the Somerset Medical Center.

Read the rest of her entry, and see her nutty timeline after the jump. How could you survive that day?


Although the first horse race begins at 1:00 pm most attendees arrive mid morning to begin pre race festivities. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and the day’s events finish at 6:00 pm. Bottom line the earlier you get to Far Hills the more food and alcohol you get to consume. As you can see by the attached photos quite a bit of alcohol was consumed, approximately 496 glasses of beer in our location alone!

This “Hunt” hit a new personal record for me: sweater = $58.00, 17 hours of drinking and eating = $190, friends bar tab at Shannon = $400, good times with great people = priceless. Next years Hunt looks to be October 18th time to start resting up.

Below is a recap of my day:

  • 9:00 am – Check car before leaving town to make sure it was not flooded by rain the night before.
  • 10:00 am – Leave Hoboken on bus organized by Liberty Bar.
  • 10:02 am – First Mimosa
  • 11:15 am – Arrive at “The Hunt “ Far Hills NJ
  • 11:45 am – Arrive at Hunt Spot after two porta- john stops
  • 12:00 pm – Begin day of drinking and eating with friends from seven different states
  • 4:00 pm – Start playing Flip Cup
  • 4:45 pm – Beer runs out during Flip Cup finals finish game with Grey Goose
  • 5:00 pm – Realize Grey Goose Flip Cup not a good idea
  • 6:20 pm – Barely make bus back to Hoboken which had 6:00pm sharp departure time
  • 7:00 pm – Bus Driver tells me I am annoying and loud and to shut up
  • 7:30 pm – Depart bus and give driver no tip.
  • 7:45 pm – Dinner & Sangria (to sober up) at City Bistro
  • 8:30 pm – More Sangria at City Bistro
  • 9:00 pm – Board NJ Transit Bus for downtown Hoboken and fight with friends over which bar to go to next. The belligerence starts.
  • 9:05 pm – Leave friends on bus and meet people at Shannon
  • 9:30 pm – Call friends crying that I am alone at Shannon talk them into coming
  • 12:00 am – Time to leave Shannon for another bar
  • 12:10 am – Meet friends who just arrived in Hoboken and decide to head uptown
  • 12:11 am – No cabs anywhere. Commandeer newlywed in BMW SUV to drive six girls to uptown Hoboken.
  • 12:12 am – Divorced friend tells newlywed he made a big mistake getting married. He thinks the big mistake may have been giving us a ride.
  • 12:15 am – Arrive at Madison Bar
  • 1:00 am – Kamikaze Shots
  • 1:10 am – SoCo Shots
  • 2:00 am – I am approached by someone who wants to meet my friend. She thinks he is creepy. My filter is now off and I tell him he is creepy. No one is very happy with me.
  • 2:40 am – Brief discussion outside Madison Bar about going to NYC with people who were not at the “Hunt”.
  • 3:20 am – Last call made on my phone telling friends I am going home
  • 3:25 am – Very good friend makes sure I get in my new apartment.

10/22 Next day

  • 3:25 pm – I wake up just in time to catch the Jet Game at Black Bear.


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Disagree but then again coming from someone who lived at 77 Park what do you expect..


wow #5 emarche, your comments are provacative but not entirely inaccurate…#5 in particular, seems like the evidence is captured on film


On the head, Danzig: it’s basically the “Fresh Air Fund” version of the Hoboken St. Patty’s Day Parade. Without the $1000 fines, of course.


Harmless enough, I guess. What do people actually *do* there? Seems like a bunch of drunk white kids from the suburbs, sort of like … like … Hoboken.


There were a lot of big girls there (and guys). Just look at the pictures without those rose colored glasses. 😆