HHA Chariman Jake Stuiver on the Rocks?

‘Boken Housing Authority: Jake Stuiver pours Facebook “whine”

Are you looking to take in a good show? Just head on over to a Hoboken Housing Authority meeting.

Ever since Jake Stuiver became “Chairman,” the meetings have become the perfect blend of drama and comedy (and pain). Stuiver is often lambasted by residents, both those who take to the microphone and sit in the audience. Maybe now Jake Stuiver is on the Rocks officially?

Jake Stuiver Stan Grossbard Eric Kurta Hoboken NJ - HHA Chariman Jake Stuiver on the Rocks?

Hoboken HHA meetings heat up, residents want Stuiver gone

At the most recent meeting, residents wore t-shirts which branded Stuiver as “Benedict Jake” on the front and declared “Stuiver Must Go” on the back. Now, Stuiver seems ready to drown his sorrows over a few cold ones.
Jake Stuiver on the Rocks Hoboken NJ facebook comment HHA - HHA Chariman Jake Stuiver on the Rocks?
Over the past holiday weekend, Stuiver took his grievances to Facebook:

“How is it that I make a pretty nice living at a job that offers relatively low stress, flexible hours and no boss to answer to but the other job that does not pay at all is literally driving me to drink,” Stuiver wrote.

Stuiver, probably the most politically active of all the standing HHA board members – has dished out nearly $6,000 in campaign donations over the past few years. However, he often appears visibly upset by residents who criticize him regularly. Did he forget what a “public service” job was?

Some would even say he is thin-skinned. Others may even suspect he’s desperately digging for Carmelo Garcia’s much more lucrative top position since word on the street is Stuiver is supposedly having financial issues and expects “Moolah from the Mayor” for his “loyalty.”

When Stuiver finally finds his way to the liquor store, he should probably buy a big bottle. Because emotions are running high and it doesn’t looking like the residents are going to back down anytime soon.

NOT James Bond: Will Jake Stuiver end up “shaken or stirred?”

PS – did you know that the Hoboken Housing Authority represents over 7% of the dwellings in Hoboken?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 10:42 am

Jake is clueless and runs the meeting by the lead of two other commissioners. At one meeting during a break, he was even instructed by a councilperson in the audience on how to run a meeting (using his gavel to keep control). How funny after this break all he did was bang his little gavel. Maybe the residents should all sing at the next meeting: Hit the road Jake and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, hit the road Jake.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 10:42 am

Jake isn’t cut out to be a politician and is an accident waiting to happen. He’s more useful to zimmer as a behind the scenes puppet.

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