Help solve the Hoboken Hit and Run!

Whodunnit? Hoboken Hit and Run on Grand Street

Hoboken411 reader Mike wants your help with a Hoboken hit and run…

His parked car was busted up by a (insert word of choice: reckless, careless, selfish, drunk, entitled, asshole, stupid) driver last Friday (he suspects around midnight or later) – and doesn’t know what to do:

“On Friday night (Feb 15th) my silver Pontiac was hit and significantly damaged at 216 Grand Street. The Hoboken hit and run driver drove away without leaving a note or any other information. The accident appears as if they were attempting to pull into Crystal Bridges Garage. I have been unable to locate any phone number for the garage.

If anyone has any information or the contact number for Crystal Bridges Garage on 216 Grand St., please contact me at

Hoboken hit and run car accident at 216 Grand Street - Help solve the Hoboken Hit and Run!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013 5:25 pm

Fill out a police report. Maybe the police can check if this garage had any survellience cameras. Or maybe any other businesses in the area had a camera?

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