Letter: Dawn Zimmer fails to do her job

Of little good for Hoboken: Zimmer announcements & “ideas”

Letter to the Editor Zimmer fails to do her job - Letter: Dawn Zimmer fails to do her jobIf you were to believe everything Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer sends out of her “office” at City Hall, you’d think we were doing great! That there were no problems, everything is on plan, and no mistakes or ill-conceived decisions have EVER been made since the day she was (barely) “elected” into Hoboken politics back in 2007. Much of the same for nearly six years.

However, what’s not the same in Hoboken is that conditions around town are collectively getting much worse, and that Dawn Zimmer fails to do her job with competence. Nothing a craftily-worded press release can’t fix, right?

Hoboken resident John Stevens Keim sent Hoboken411 the letter below, which fortunately wasn’t limited to 300 words or less, or shoved to the back pages of a hardly read local news rag. If you want the unabridged and unedited version of what many local residents think, continue reading!

Zimmer ribbon cutting campaign stops won’t help Hoboken

“Last week Hank Forrest wrote a letter to the paper regarding the ineptitude of Hoboken’s current administration. Mayor Zimmer has big “ideas” – instead of maintaining our streets and fixing potholes she wants the City Council to bond for huge urban re-engineering projects.

This week she announced her plan to stop a repeat of the Hurricane Sandy situation by walling off Hoboken.

When she was first elected, we were going to have four flood pumps. Three and a half years into her term, we have one pump.

Four years ago, the soccer field fell into the Hudson River. It’s still there – Mayor Zimmer is now building a new one at 1600 Park (whereas when part of Sinatra Drive administered by the county fell into the river the Hudson County government got it fixed within 6 months). There is finally work being done on Sinatra Park – a logical assumption is that we will see a ribbon cutting at the height of the mayoral campaign.”

Hoboken will finally get “municipal pool” if sea walls are built

Hoboken Municipal Swimming Pool - Letter: Dawn Zimmer fails to do her job“Sandy may have been the precursor to more “storm surge” driven flooding but most of the flooding Hoboken has historically seen is the result of a combination of rainwater and groundwater seeping up, not the river overflowing its banks. Flood walls along the river and at the north and south ends of town would only trap this kind of water.

Other than being a boondoggle for the firms this administration likes to hire, the only positive thing about Mayor Zimmer’s flood wall plan is that under normal Hoboken flooding conditions she will finally deliver a city wide municipal swimming pool.

We have more potholes than I have ever seen since I moved here in 1984; the mayor wants to bond a major repaving project.

Many people have big ideas – Dawn gave up her 4th Ward Council seat after less than 2 years because she couldn’t get anything done as councilperson. She seems to have been unable to get anything done other than hire TWENTY ONE law firms (that’s a Hoboken first by the way) and tons of consultants.

Last year was declared Dawn’s year of the parks. No new park and some hazardous playground equipment at Church Square Park – now 2013 will be the year of the parks – that means that 1600 Park will be completed on time for a ribbon cutting at the height of the mayoral campaign.

The Mayor proposes removable storm walls and green buildings. While admirable concepts they represent the fact that, like many people with little work experience, she has plenty of big policy ideas but has little accomplishment or day to day boring stuff of actually doing the job.

The state monitor doubled our taxes to pay the bills Mayor Roberts ran up. They have not gone down as much as Dawn promised for the first year in her three years in office, no matter what former resident and non-taxpayer Scott Siegel says about the lower “tax levy.”

The Mayor and her cheerleaders are charlatans of the worst ilk, advocating big projects and bigger ideas to cover the fact she has been unable to perform the real duties of maintaining our city. Before we give her more big money for big projects she should prove she can handle the minor duties of her office, other than merely consolidating power and having big ideas.

John Stevens Keim

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013 9:15 pm

all i know is my taxes are down since dawn took office. she isn’t perfect… and by the way no politician is. I’d like her to focus more on improving our streets/ infrastructure. but in general she’s done fine. she has cut the “fat”!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 3:49 pm

That’s politics 101! Keep changing the subject, use the latest crisis, and distract everyone. People are too self-absorbed to try and deconstruct the big picture. Which is why we have such poor leaders.

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