Hunt Entry #3


Here’s “Johnnyeye’s” entry from the Hunt. Voting will begin after the 4th submission is posted.

Hunt Entry #3

WAANNHHH, WAANNHH!! The alarm sounded with a roar. Unusually, for a Saturday–but today was different–the Hunt was here! Scrambled to the shower, bleary-eyed, got ready in a flash because the train, like time, waits for no man. It had been a couple of years since I had been (remember the cold mist and mud?) and I got the station at 9:02 for the 9:05 Far Hills Express–more like the Far Hills Stop At EVERY FRIGGIN’ STATION. I find out on the train that it will be 90 minutes until I even have a remote chance of breakfast. I settled in for a long ride.

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This year was different in another way–why not try out a spot that we had heard about the year before, not knowing anything but a email address and a menu? The spirit of adventure was rewarded handsomely–I arrived, ravenous, to a full spread. The bagels, muffins, the lox the whatever–I said my hellos and went to the bar first. The power Mimosa–the Raging Bull (Stoli O, Red Bull, OJ) made everything right.
Mike, the host, you could tell, had done this before. Fully stocked. Race ready. Probably 30 people were already there, and the rest of my buddies were on the way, as they had caught the next train.

And they’re off! I headed down to the rail, set up by one of the jumps on the back stretch–I was determined to get some pics before ability was impaired. Here they come! Get ready! Wow–they are fast when you aren’t watching on TV. I’ll have to wait till they come back around to get the front of the horses.

A little set up for the wagering types was nice–5, 10 and 20 “credit” races were set up on a board. Every one who picked the winner would take a share of the total pool for that race. McDynamo paid 60 for 20–thank you very much!

The sun getting low, the buzzes getting high–the requisite “over 30” keg stands started–I took the pics, and let the pros handle the tap.
The day went by in a flash, that was the last race? Not really–the last one was the race back to the train. Only had to wait for three trains, but the ride home was a little different–every one, including me, was a little friendlier. I even got a shot of Corzine’s body double! The crew looked like they were in for a long ride.

Tuckered out–the party ground to a halt at 9 PM. The couch won the day.


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What the fudge is this hunt? Is it some kind of Jersey thing that only locals know about?


As the you know I am probably one of the best host at The Races. My goal is to make sure that the ladies are taken care of with bloody mary’s to start and plenty of vodka. Plus a blender for Pinkish Pina Colada’s. As for the guys plenty of beer, jack’s and hot chicks……Of course great food from our 2 chefs for everyone.

Next year the big booze luge is coming for some reason the chefs forgot it. I told all the ladies give me an ice cube and I will pour a drink down it for you…..LOL

These photos top everyone elses. Well I have a few in stock and quite a ton from the mudfest last year.

All the those interested if you must know. Spots 1376-1377 on the infield rocks.
May try to expand one more spot for next year to give us some more room.

As commented before:
“I was beginning to think that it wasn’t a race at all, just a HUGE group of people getting shit-faced in a field out in the middle of nowhere.?
Yes it is true. But where else can you do that with 49,999 of your friends?

Like a fine wine it gets better every year…….
You got my vote……


Ok just a little then.

Next time, more horsey pictures…


Nope not really


I am angry?

Funny, I don’t recall losing my temper today. Maybe you’re just mad I didn’t vote for you?