Hunt Entry #2


Here’s Kathleen’s entry (a poem!) from the Hunt. Voting will begin after the 4th submission is posted.

Hunt Entry #2 (a poem)

We began our Hunt journey about 4 weeks ago.
As first time Hunt attendees we weighed our options and decided to go.

For $88 per person we called plots 1261 and 1262 our homes ALL day long.
We met at Hobson’s at 8:15 to purchase coffee, bagels and create our “drinking song”

Once aboard the NJT Express Train
We began to drink while others napped and some began to show their pain

Continue reading the rest of her poem and see the other photos after the break.

hunt entry 2 7 - Hunt Entry #2

An hour later we were feeling good
As the train came to a stop in a new “hood”

We arrived at 1261 and 1262 to find more food and drinks than one could dream
Fill up the cups its time to form your beer pong team

The day went on it all its glory
And a last it made for some great stories

We drank and ate and drank some more
And then it was time to explore

We walked the grounds and oh the sights
From blazers and khakis to girls in some very bright tights

The betting began and so did the competitive fun
The best part – some of us won

Then the clock struck six
And it was time to get your final fix

The crowd began to disperse
As I looked for my purse

We left the grounds
Some of us wearing frowns

Waiting for the train
Was a horrible pain

Two hours later we arrived in town
Only to notice someone had lost their crown

The day was long but the weather was great
Overall I would say it was a wonderful, chaotic date

hunt entry 2 1 - Hunt Entry #2
hunt entry 2 2 - Hunt Entry #2
hunt entry 2 3 - Hunt Entry #2
hunt entry 2 5 - Hunt Entry #2
hunt entry 2 4 - Hunt Entry #2
hunt entry 2 - Hunt Entry #2
hunt entry 2 6 - Hunt Entry #2

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Kathleen’s poetry in the Dr. Seuss tradition won me over. As an avid fan of “girls in some very bright tights”, I say, “VOTE FOR KATHLEEN!”


Hmm…that was my plot and she is wearing my boa but I have my own submission so BOO BOOO….