Sun sets on Park on Park

Literally: Sun Sets on Park on Park in Hoboken NJ

A week or so ago – we told you that the Park on Park garage was getting demolished to make way for the incredible new Park and Garden Hoboken project. And today’s update is entitled “Sun sets on Park on Park.”

Running Hoboken411 for the past seven years – it’s amazing to see how the city has evolved (both good and bad), and looking back at some of the changes we’ve chronicled over the years makes you realize what a great historical reference point Hoboken411 has become.

Photo documentation is a very crucial, and we put our best foot forward to try – even with fun entries like the Hoboken Photo of the Day series – to ensure that a nice, centralized record of Hoboken over time remains intact and easily accessible.

I happen to love this pic I took of the Park on Park garage. It shows some kind of “vulnerability” as it’s exposed to the elements (“naked,” if you will) – along with the fading sunset behind it. As of today, it’s much more broken down than this picture shows.

But this Hoboken landmark won’t be entirely gone forever, by the way.

The giant red “PARK” signs have been salvaged – and from what we were told – will be part of the new 1415 Park Place structure in some fashion or another. That’s kind of cool how Bijou Properties saw the value in keeping what many used for directional assistance over the years in place. A nice, symbolic way to preserve a piece of Hoboken history!

Sun sets on Park and Park garage in Hoboken NJ - Sun sets on Park on Park

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