HDR Hoboken Blizzard Photos

Winner! HDR Hoboken Blizzard Photos

Lots of pictures were sent in for the Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest (including some inappropriate ones we chose not to show.)

While many of them were quite good – the photos that Alyssa sent in stood out enough to be deemed the winner of the 10 free Clearview Cinemas movie tickets!

HDR Hoboken Blizzard winning Photo from Alyssa of NYC Skyline
(click to see full size version!)

HDR when done properly looks amazing

She submitted photos using the “HDR” photo technique.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range Imaging – where the photographer takes three (or five or seven) shots of the same scene at different exposure levels, and allows you to take both the best highlights as well as best shadows to create a “richer,” almost surreal look.

However, HDR photography is a very skilled art – and most amateurs over-do it, and end up making nauseating looking pictures. Even worse – most smartphones now have “HDR filters” that look even crappier. Either way, HDR photography should be used sparingly in most instances.

But Alyssa did it right, and is the reason she won! Congrats!

Here are the others she submitted (click the lower right for higher resolution versions).

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Well done Alyssa, I love these photos.


Very nice shots!