Floater in Hudson River?

Floater in Hudson River scare near W Hoboken

Police in Hoboken, NJ reported a possible Floater in the Hudson River near the W Hotel this morning shortly after 6am.

Apparently, a citizen called in that a dead body was floating in the Hudson river near this area. Hoboken Police are on the scene, and NYPD Harbor Patrol has been dispatched as well (since they have jurisdiction all the way up to the NJ border.) The U.S. Coast Guard has also been called in to investigate.

Additionally – authorities have had a hard time communicating with the citizen that phoned in this incident, and are in the process of determining whether a body is under either Pier A Park or Pier C Park.

However – Hoboken Police supposedly found the original caller near Pier A, and determined that she’s “EDP,” (which is an acronym for “emotionally disturbed person”) – and this whole incident should be taken with a grain or two of salt.

If this turns out to be false (which is sounding like the case), should people who get our police in action for something that is false be punished?

Floater dead body in Hudson River near W Hotel Hoboken NJ

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