Blizzard pics in Hoboken

Non-winning blizzard pics in Hoboken

OK – since we’re no longer accepting entries to the Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest, it’s time to show some pics that did not make the final cut. We completely appreciate the submissions – and even some of these were once considered contenders for the prize of 10 free tickets to Hoboken Clearview Cinemas. See contributor info below (with some captions, notes).

Find out who won tomorrow!

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Bizzard Pics in Hoboken (notes)

Here are the notes for the photo gallery above (sorted alphabetically by contributor):

  • Apt3Media (Photo 1) – They wrote: “If you didn’t shovel your sidewalk you’d get a ticket. Who gets the ticket for Church Square Park?”
  • Connie (Photo 2) – Sent in a very cute pic of her dog Katy – with a face covered in snow! Awww!
  • Debbie (Photos 3-6) – A nice collection of random Hoboken street scenes.
  • Elizabeth (Photo 7) – Another pic of Church Square Park.
  • Eric (Photos 8-18) – He submitted quite a few pics, including his dog Denver, and some neat panoramic shots from his roof. Good effort.
  • Jeanne (Photos 19-24) – She was a bit under the weather, and could only muster up shots of her fire escape (including a pesky squirrel). Hope you feel better!
  • Julie (Photo 25) – You might remember Julie – as she and her husband loved Hoboken so much that they moved back last year from California! She submitted a very strong entry – and if you like her style – she started up a photography business here in Hoboken:!
  • Kevin (Photos 26-27) – Snapped a couple random shots just to have a chance for the movie tickets.
  • Kimberly (Photo 28) – Seemed enamored by the “Crazy Icicles” as she put it…
  • Nicole (Photos 29-50) – She sent in over two dozen pics, and I almost awarded her the prize for the sheer contribution alone (and there are some really nice shots in there!)
  • Noelle (Photo 51) – She’s a professional photographer ( – and was in the running till the very end. Nice shot, suitable for framing!
  • Svetoslav (Photo 52) – Sent in a pic of a collapsed gazebo on Bloomfield Street.
  • uptowner (Photo 53) – Submitted this shot “Contemplating the Blizzard,” and said that “Snow quiets the town and the mind.” He’s right!
  • Veronica (Photo 54) – Noticed that someone literally made a Nemo Fish sculpture over at Pier A Park. Looks like it was fun to make!

Until the next storm!

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