Valentine’s Day Treats for Dogs

They need love too: Valentine’s Day treats for dogs in Hoboken!

Hoboken NJ Valentines Day Treats for Dogs - Valentine's Day Treats for DogsDid you know you can pick up Valentine’s Day treats for dogs in Hoboken?

That’s right – don’t leave out the most loyal loves of your live this February 14th! Head over to Cornerstone Pets (105 9th Street), where they have a pretty good selection of wholesome, homemade treats to help you and your four-legged friend celebrate Valentine’s Day 2013.

Apparently – these types of treats aren’t that common from what I understand, as Cornerstone told me people travel from across the state each year to pick up treats like these.

But do you ever wonder if dogs can actually feel “love?” One article in Modern Dog Magazine hints that it’s possible:

“Recent research has even identified some of the chemicals associated with feelings of love in humans. These include hormones such as oxytocin, which seems to help people form emotional bonds with each other. One of the triggers that causes oxytocin to be released is gentle physical touching, such as stroking. Dogs also produce oxytocin, and one of our common ways of interacting with dogs is to gently pet them, an action that probably releases this hormone associated with bonding. If dogs as social animals have an evolutionary need for close emotional ties, and they have the chemical mechanisms associated with loving, it makes sense to assume that they are capable of love, as we are.

Whatever the case – be extra sweet to your pooches this week! Especially after the torture they endure walking on all the excess salt in Hoboken!

Valentines day treats for dogs in Hoboken NJ - Valentine's Day Treats for Dogs

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