Nail Atelier Salon

Coming soon to Hoboken, NJ – Nail Atelier Salon

Such earth-shattering news! Taking place of the doomed Curves fitness center for ladies at 168 First street is Nails Atelier – A “Professional Nail Services” salon.

I guess the phrase “Nail Salon” (as in “Oh boy, another Hoboken Nail Salon“) is a bit worn out in 2013. So these wise owners decided to make it fancy – and use the word “Atelier,” which is a French word for “workshop,” although more geared towards the arts. Maybe this place will specialize in nail art?

Nail salons in Hoboken are remarkable. I think only one has truly gone under since Hoboken411 started seven years ago.

(Thanks, Jason for the tip!)

Nail Atelier Salon Hoboken NJ - Nail Atelier Salon

Description: Nail Salon
Address: 168 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

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