Elysian Park waste in Hoboken

Elysian Park Waste in Hoboken – “spread it around!”

elysian park waste in Hoboken NJ - Elysian Park waste in HobokenI have nothing but love for municipal park workers in Hoboken… they basically do what they’re told by the “higher ups.” And more often than not – they do a pretty good job.

But something made me shake my head over the weekend. The city dispatched some “miniature” industrial vehicles to “plow” the few inches of snow we got from the so-called Nemo Blizzard Friday night.

A “midget” plow struggled around Elysian Park, in what seemed to be a laborious effort. After it was all said and done – it appeared that the plow did more harm than good.

It basically spread the snow around, and in some instances made slippery ice-skating rinks of frozen precipitation.

Frankly, I could have done a better job myself with a single shovel and a triple espresso from Starbucks.

I can certainly understand that politicians don’t want to be blamed for lack of effort – but I’d be happier walking on un-plowed surfaces that have grip – instead of man made ice-skating rinks. And I’m sure property taxpayers would be happier if budget line items were lower as well.

Food for thought: Think about the past few decades – and the ever-growing “government” and what we expect of them. Perhaps it’s time to expect less, and take more responsibility for one’s own actions and safety? With the exception of extremely dangerous situations (solid ice, sink holes, molten lava), I think we can all manage ourselves fine without any help.

Hoboken Elysian Park ice skating rink snow blizzard Nemo - Elysian Park waste in Hoboken

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I was in the Elysian when they had 3 mini trucks with salt spreaders plowing around the Park; I believe it was around 4p last Sunday. They weren’t making much headway as 411 Perry said.

Kids were trying to play but had to avoid the trucks and the salt whipping out the back.

My pup couldn’t walk, as all the salt hurt his feet badly so I had to carry him out and he didn’t want to go back there all week.

They used to put down the dog friendly de-icer in Elysian; when did that change and why?