City Council Special Meeting 10/31/2007

Update! Meeting canceled!

I bet the Mayor saw this post and canceled it, but uses other excuses for the reason why.


Hoboken budget to be announced

Mayor David Roberts picked a spooky date to unveil his proposed budget for the fiscal year that’s been underway since July 1st. Yesterday, the Mayor called a special meeting for Halloween night to unveil the Tricks and Treats in his Fiscal 2008 spending Plan. Traditionally Roberts gives a brief speech before presenting the budget to the council, which then refers it to the Budget and Finance committee for review and discussion.

Roberts called for the Special Meeting to be held Wednesday at 6pm at City Hall, which may not sit well with the council members who have children they would like to be Trick or Treating with. City Hall conspiracy theorists surmise the Mayor picked the date to mess with Council President Theresa Castellano, Budget, Finance Committee Chairman Michael Russo, and Chief Financial Officer George DeStefano who are normally knee-deep with work related to the Anthony Russo Civic Association’s Annual “Hoboooken Haunted House”, taking place this year at Church of the Holy Innocents.


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Nice visual there H411. I am sure a few people fell out of their chairs at city hall when they saw that one.

I think you missed your calling as a political satirists.

Sure you aren’t Stephen Colbert or Dennis Miller, but print/internet media needs satirists that can create these cartoonish lampoons.


Hmmmmmmmmm…… Any of you wised-up Hoboken poli-sci majors and/or graduates got any idea why he isn’t waiting until after the election? He has a fairly vigorous council endorsement to think of, so if he doesn’t have a feel-good story to tell, wouldn’t he wait a week and not irritate his friends-of-mutual-convenience, the Russos?

He’s for the open space referendum, though maybe not in its present form. I would think a high number alone would undercut him, regardless of the underlying details. The paper will just say “$85million to Run Hoboken”, and the rest will be lost in the sauce over the near-term.

Nope, don’t get it. Should be interesting. But I bet it won’t be ‘good-interesting’.


What a completely dick move. 👿