Ruben Ramos helps Hoboken

Parks upgraded in Hoboken thanks to Ruben Ramos

Ruben Ramos helps Hoboken NJ secure funding for parks and open space - Ruben Ramos helps HobokenIn case you didn’t know – former Hoboken, NJ Council member Ruben Ramos, Jr. has been an Assemblyman in New Jersey for a while. And even though he’s not cutting ribbons or sending out press releases every other day – he’s hard at work in the state – and always has Hoboken’s back.

Ramos had a hand in securing over $3 million dollars in Green Acres funding over the past five years to help improve our open space at Church Square Park, and other spaces including $600,000 slated for the upgrade of Elysian Park later this summer.

Additionally he recently introduced Assembly Bills 710 and 711 – which hope to add more formal legislation on how incorporate more “green” and “blue” roof tops here in dense “urban jungle” environments such as Hoboken. These bills are supposed to help with energy usage and keep cities cooler during the summer (although I’m not sure how much of a serious impact these bills will have – what, 0.01 degrees?)

Lastly – another bill he introduced (A3103) – which provides “incentive” for developers building new projects to focus on “green” technologies.

He invites residents who have questions about these bills – or any other legislation to contact his office by calling (201)714-4960.

411 Note: I’m certainly not opposed to building practices that are more efficient and cost effective (green or not), but is preferential treatment via “incentives” introduced by legislators really necessary? Some developers (like Bijou Properties – and their exciting new Park and Garden Hoboken project uptown) would have done these things even without government involvement. Wouldn’t it be more “free” if the market was able to decide what trend best suits them – and let potential customers to make their own choices?

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