US Flag vandalized at FD Museum


Now (6:42pm), the HFD and HPD are investigating a white Chrysler vehicle (with disabled plates) and 4 “young teenagers” in it (one suspected of “rolling a cigarette”) that are suspected to have something to do with the flag-slashing incident this weekend. Will not be around to listen, so check out the live police scanner if you’re interested in what happens.


This past weekend someone destroyed an American Flag that was hanging above the entrance of the Hoboken Fire Museum. Fox News had a clip about it, and Eyewitness news also had a reporter there today.

Story from Charles Hack at the Journal:

American flag ripped up outside fire museum

Monday October 29, 2007, 2:39 PM

The American flag at the Hoboken Fire Department Museum was ripped up over the weekend and now its members are offering $1,000 to anyone who helps police make an arrest.

Someone reached up to the flag pole, which has been up since 1980 outside the old firehouse, bending it down into an L-shape before slashing the flag both horizontally and vertically sometime between midnight and 7 a.m. on Saturday, said Bill Bergin, curator of the Bloomfield Street museum.

“Nobody has ever done anything like this in all time we have had the museum,” Bergin said. “It’s disgraceful.”

A number of World War II veterans who belong to the Hoboken Fire Department Exempt Association attended a meeting at the museum the same day and were in shock over the damage, Bergin said.

He believes that someone may have had help reaching the pole because it was well above the height that even a tall person could reach.

Bergin is asking anyone with information to call him at (201) 952-3654.

American Flag destroyed at Hoboken Fire Museum

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good sleuth work, estevens. Now we know how Roberts came up with Mr Bergin as a candidate for the position of safety director. He was on TV 2 weeks ago!

He seems like a nice old gentleman, I don’t understand why he would want any part of that police mess.


Here’s vid from the incident, featuring our soon-to-be public safety director Bill Bergin. From Cablevision Hudson News.


Just to clear up the registering for the draft at 18 thing, as someone who turned 18 in 1975 I was one of the few who fell into the five year window when registering for the draft was not required.

A brief history of draft registration.

From 1948 until 1973, during both peacetime and periods of conflict, men were drafted to fill vacancies in the armed forces which could not be filled through voluntary means.

In 1973, the draft ended and the U.S. converted to an All-Volunteer military.

The registration requirement was suspended in April 1975. It was resumed again in 1980 by President Carter in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Registration continues today as a hedge against underestimating the number of servicemen needed in a future crisis.


Hey, my previous posts poked fun at people who get all their undies all up in a knot when they hear about someone defending the flag. Guess you didn’t catch those. There was even a funny one about dogs. Regardless, nice brick shot.


Do you always repeat what your mamma says out loud?