The “hip” in Hoboken


Stephanie, from emailed me today to say that “people went nuts” over their video about being “Hip in Hoboken” a few months ago, and it made the fifth position on their Top 10 Videos of the Year list.

See video again below…


A reader mentioned this video from, an “obsessed” NYC based Real Estate video site.

It’s a feature all about Hoboken. What do you think?

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Why anyone bothers to get in a line at any bar in this town is beyond my understanding.

Maybe I am just getting old, I don’t do that crap anymore. Get off my lawn.

People just do what I do, tell people it’s a scam and not to move to Hoboken. Word of mouth works better than some crappy video. People love a conspiracy anyway… Tell them about the Hoboken Monkeyman, the flooding, what a tool Russo/Cammarano are. Anything to discourage more douche-nozzles from moving here.

Suck it realtors.

Tama Murden

I might suggest there’s always some spin, whenever there’s a theme-driven “feature.” Is it possible that Lesley is not what she appears to be on the video? Just a thought….


one word. “haters”

everyone let’s jealousy get the best of them. Why? Be happy being you….


[quote comment=”59259″]Whatever.

Riding the PATH home from Union Square last Friday night around midnight reminded me just how much Hoboken is NOT NYC. By the time we got to C Street, nobody could get on. People helplessly stood on the platform to wait for the next train to come by (in a half hour or so). So keep kidding yourselves, folks…[/quote]
That happened to me 2 weeks ago. We had to eventually get on an uptown 33rd St train and wait for it to switch back toward Hoboken after watching 2 Hoboken bound trains pull in and nobody be able to get on…

I’m glad the PA is increasing the fare, sinc the service is soooo great.

kooky kat

Into the box? How about into the toilet. Did anyone else read this, I accidentally clicked on the link. I also hate people that shorten the name of Hoboken to “The Boken” or “Hobo” is that like a cool new thing the “kids” are doing??

Leave it to a hot blonde to get you voting this one in as our number five video. Max wasn’t the only one thinking about moving to Hoboken after he got a glimpse of her. Even my brother, who lives in Hell’s Kitchen was like…”Hmmm… Hoboken. Maybe I should check it out…”

Anyway, I’m assuming those who live in Hobo would say there’s quite a bit more to the nabe than just hot blondes. I mean, I spent the day there and saw plenty of hot male blondes. Anyway, it’s a great neighborhood and one I plan to do more stories on… maybe this time with a local brunette.