Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest

Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest – win free movie tickets!

Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest win movie tickets - Hoboken Blizzard Photo ContestThe worst thing about any major weather event (like the blizzard that is about to happen) – is that all you hear about is the same damn “warnings” and preparedness announcements – reminding people about common sense. All I need is the weather forecast, and I can make sensible decisions myself. Those public service announcements are boring!

So instead of “duh, what should I do? I need the government or some press release to tell me!” we’re going to have fun with this blizzard (and what is the dopey name “Nemo” anyway? Ridiculous!)

I have TEN (10) movie passes to Hoboken’s Clearview Cinemas to give away! Valued at over $100!

Just send your blizzard photos to hoboken411@gmail.com (subject: Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest) and I’ll announce one lucky winner sometime next week!

Use your creativity – funny pics, sexy pics, scary pics, beautifully framed pics, cute pics, you name it. You might get bonus points if it’s some ridiculous situation that could have been avoided – negative points if you used a cheap filtering program (like Instagram) which require absolutely no creativity whatsoever.

Have fun and be safe!

Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest Hoboken411 - Hoboken Blizzard Photo Contest

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Thursday, February 14, 2013 3:11 pm

I saw those earmuffs hanging from a chair at Stevens Point on Saturday and was wondering how they got there.

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