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Zimmer Glamour: How to pass bullsh*t off as fact

Recently – Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer was in the pages of Glamour Magazine with a quote about Hurricane Sandy they tried to pass off as FACT in an article dubbed “How to get sh*t done.”

Numerous Hoboken411 readers wrote in, surprised at how inaccurate it was – and that Zimmer simply “repeating” what was already put into action by others higher up had NOTHING to do with the outcome…

Dawn Zimmer Bullshit Hurricane Sandy Hoboken NJ Glamour Magazine - Zimmer Glamour Gala

Christie dispatched National Guard to Hoboken after Sandy

I’m sure you know that NJ Governor Chris Christie held multiple press conferences explaining that he had already dispatched over 2,000 National Guardsman that would go to the hardest hit places like Hoboken.

That’s like knowing the fire department is on the way from 14th Street to City Hall, but then you hold a press conference while they’re en route, then taking credit for their arrival. Such media whoring!

One reader detailed a list of her so-called “accomplishments” in the wake of the Superstorm:

“She’s certainly been working very hard to exploit every Hoboken tragedy as a Zimmer accomplishment.

  • We had a major flood, yes, but Dawn just served hot coffee to victims at city hall.
  • People need money, yes, but Dawn held an expensive party at the W Hoboken starring herself while the victims are camped on friends’ couches watching Nick at Nite.
  • Hoboken Charter School burned down 5 months ago, and the original renovation was inspected by Dawn’s crew and yet her administration hasn’t taken any responsibility for giving them a CO or helped to get them back in their building – but she’ll be at their fundraiser for photo-ops because they’ll need “star power!”
  • We still have a hundred homes (that’s a few hundred people) without power so Dawn has gallantly provided PSE&G numbers for them to call, of course, they don’t have land line or cell phones with power to do so.
  • Dawn is doing her part to get the NJ economy back on track by giving every law firm in the state a seven-figure contract with the City of Hoboken, thanks to our charitable, unsuspecting taxpayers.

Her list of grand accomplishments is endless!”

Zimmer at glitzy (and costly) Gala to “rebuild Hoboken”

Well – I wasn’t planning using any of the emails we received regarding our Zimmer’s attendance at the recent “Gala to Rebuild Hoboken” because it was kind of a dud, and we heard that countless $300 tickets were “comped” because no one was willing to pony up the cash to attend the unnecessary event. Why pour salt on a wound, you know?

However, seeing the blatantly inaccurate Glamour article – I figured I’d include it anyway. Just to get it off my plate.

The readers who wrote and sent photos in – said basically the same thing, “LOL!” But one reader summed it up – “Could Zimmer be any more homely? I mean both of the other women in the photo are at least 10-20 years older than her. Just sayin’.”

Perhaps Dawn should lay off the hot sauce at these “glitzy” hobnobbing events disguised as fundraisers?

Dawn Zimmer Guess the age contest Hoboken NJ - Zimmer Glamour Gala

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Thursday, February 7, 2013 2:12 am

Hate to tell you this, but Stan likes her looking manly. Use your imagination to figure out what that means. Makes me throw up in my mouth a bit, but I can survive.

Thursday, February 7, 2013 2:03 am

Sweet mother of Jesus, how does Dawn allow herself to be depicted this way? Talk about poor public relations. It’s embarrassing!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 2:35 pm

She needs a gala stunt double.

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