Hoboken “Unrolled Art”


Studio Printworks has announced a Hoboken-based wallpaper design competition. The design must be Hoboken themed and can involve iconic Hoboken images, socio-political commentary, historical reference, or simple statements of beauty. Must get submission in by 12/5/2007.

Can’t wait to see the winning entry! I wonder if I can be on the judging panel?

Unrolled Art:

Studio Printworks launches a design call to local designers and artists for Hoboken-themed wallpaper

Hoboken – Fine arts oriented wallpaper company Studio Printworks announced today a design call to all local artists and designers for a Hoboken-themed wallpaper. The project, “Unrolled Art”, is a search to find an innovative and tasteful design that will denote a Hoboken theme in symbolic, illustrative or narrative expression.

“Wallpaper is the ultimate canvas and we are providing a chance for the creative talents in our community to create a wallpaper that Hoboken can call its own,” said Dennis Shah, President of Studio Printworks.

Since its inception three years ago, Studio Printworks has provided the momentum for the trend toward art wallpaper. All Studio Printworks designs are produced by the hand-screen technique here in Hoboken.”


“Unrolled Art is unique because it involves a local company with international recognition reaching within its own community for both talent and theme. “We are proud of the attention we have received for our designs,” continued Shah. “We have now been included in five museum shows internationally.” Currently, a Studio Printworks design is included in the exhibit, ‘Design Life Now’, at the ICA Boston.

Flyers for Unrolled Art were distributed during the Hoboken Studio Tour on October 21st and are also displayed in local stores and cafes. The deadline for the contest is December 5th and the winner will be announced December 14th. The winner will receive a cash prize, design royalties, and will be included in the Studio Printworks fall 2008 collection. Details regarding the contest guidelines and regulations can be found on their website www.studioprintworks.com under the ‘Featured Projects’ heading.

All Studio Printworks products can be viewed on its website and purchased at Hinson & Company located at 979 Third Avenue in New York.

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“I call my entry, ‘Hoboken Rites of Spring’ which depicts a montage of the flooding 4th ward, convicted felons from other cities harassing our elderly, 34 year old women dressed like hookers, 38 year old men acting like college boys, pedestrians getting run over by out of control drivers after crossing against the light…oh and I also threw in a token profile of Frank Sinatra, who was never happier than the day he got out of town. I think it brings a aura of whimsy to any room and really complements any sort of design scheme.”