4th Ward Poem


With a week to go till “E-Day”, a Hoboken411 reader lightens up the 4th ward council election mud-slinging match with a little poem for us to enjoy.

Still Voting

Once again with somber sorrow
As time from work we sadly borrow
To take the time to pull the lever
And ponder if the end comes ever
One must be in total despair
Ready to rip out every hair
As in the fourth were off to vote
And wonder if we’ll need our boat.

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have people received the Chris Scumbag Campos election mailing yet?
it actually says something like, “Dawn Zimmer harrassed bedridden elderly folks in their homes” or something VERY close to this (i threw it in the trash where it belongs). what?! i mean, now this is just beyond absurd; i had to chuckle.
then on the other side, there is a picture of him in a classroom setting, talking to kids. i guess that’s to blunt the feeling of revulsion you get when contemplating the complete and utter bullsh*t they just said (er, made up) about their opponent.


I’ll have the following T-Shirts ready soon:

4th Ward Swim Team
4th Ward Hydroponic Tomato Club
4th Ward Sludge Water Kayaking Club


Seriously though, you should print up T-Shirts with this photo on front and your 4th Ward Poem on back. Should help finance this website in a time of expansion. What say you?