Hoboken Week in Review – 10/28/2007

Welcome again to the 100’s of new registered readers this week!

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What items were covered in the past week? Here’s a sampling:

News, items of importance & “Hot Topics”:

  • Racial Bias Suit – Five Hoboken cops file suit against their own.
  • Your (dis)Honor – Some Municipal Judges in NJ are faces charges, many others under investigation.

Town Government:

  • Need a light? – Long awaited intersection signal shows signs of life.
  • Pumped – A press conference about flooding pumps that were old news.
  • Say Cheese! – Proposed photo enforcement system for stop sign violators.

Community Events & Local Sports:
Lots of happenings in Hoboken!

  • Open House Tour – TODAY!
  • Festive! – Postponed Fall Harvest Festival launches today, too.
  • Treat me to a Trick – A summary of various Halloween events in Hoboken.
  • Sweep? – Boston is poised to put an end to Colorado’s misery in the World Series.
  • Wine Event – New Hoboken411 feature takes us to Jersey City to sample some wine, and explore financial topics.
  • 24/7 Grub – New “City Diner” inches closer to opening day.
  • $100 and Under – Long-term art gallery opens at Maxwell’s.

New, Updated or Coming Soon:

Leaving Town, screwed, or mucked up:

  • Patience – A few folks are getting a bit worn from this almost year-long battle for the Fourth Ward council seat. We can only predict what mayhem will ensue on November 6th.


Reader Mail Bag:

  • Up? Down? Mid? – A reader cites the blatant violation of the “one fare per cab” law in Hoboken.

Fun, Games, Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Enter to Win! – You have till Friday to submit your photos for the First-Annual Hoboken411 Halloween Photo Contest.
  • Hobotown – T.G. Heins’ cartoons are getting better each week!
  • Still Growing! – 411 reaches yet another milestone.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Tools – Man gets shot over personal property dispute. Brought to you by DeWalt.

Pet Corner

  • Food Facts – Local pet food expert educates readers about pet food fallacies.

Recent Town Incidents:

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