Sidewalk Perversion in Hoboken

Distasteful signs all over Hoboken? Hide the kids!

For those that aren’t continually heads-down into their smartphones – just a little bit of looking around in Hoboken, and you’ll find some potentially distasteful imagery.

Well, besides the bums, obnoxious street refuse, and booted cars – there are seemingly more “perverse” stickers being placed on various inanimate objects on our sidewalks.

This one here I found quite funny – which was a parody of a “soft drink” for cats. You can either use your imagination – or click the image below to see what it meant. Clever in it’s own right, but probably offensive to some people:

Free WHAT in the mouth?

And this one here is bizzare. While the phrase is for the most part “sexual,” the website is anything but sexual. Just some standard blog posts, fashion, events, music and arts. Bizarre to say the least. Why they’d plaster stickers in random places is beyond me – especially since it’s a free website sans monetization. I guess people dig popularity these days.

I did find this video they posted on the site quite funny, and frankly useful for any ladies that encounter an overly aggressive man here in Hoboken.

For your viewing pleasure:

Enjoy your weekend!

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What is the purpose of showing such material?