Hoboken Loaner Ambulance

Hoboken lucky to have loaner ambulance for EMS after Sandy

Have you noticed the unusual looking ambulance riding around in Hoboken since Hurricane Sandy?

Pictured below – is one of the ambulances that took the place of the several that were destroyed after the “super-storm.” The Hoboken Volunteer EMS received a grant that apparently only covered 90 days of use for a rental ambulance (which costs $300 per day).

Luckily – the dealer in south Jersey knows we’re dropping over $130,000 on a brand-spanking new high-tech ambulance (which should be arriving before the end of February), and has continued to loan us this replacement at no charge until the new one is delivered.

If you are appreciative of what these guys do – consider donating to the Hoboken EMS!

Hoboken Loaner Ambulance after Hurricane Sandy - Hoboken Loaner Ambulance

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