18th Street Light Rail Station?

Hoboken was NOT kept in dark about 18th St. Light Rail Station

More BS coming out of City Hall in Hoboken.

For one, Hoboken411 mentioned the possibility of an 18th Street Light Rail Station coming OVER ONE YEAR AGO (see original post below).

Now the “media” reports that “Hoboken was kept in the dark.” Not a chance. Perhaps the light bulb in the “back room” where the deal was discussed was blown. But this 18th Street Light Rail station was NO secret – especially to those “in the know” down at 1st & Washington. Let them keep feeding you BS. Heard it was nutritious…

NJ Light Rail Ignorance or Lies from Hoboken NJ - 18th Street Light Rail Station?

Would an 18th Street light rail stop benefit Hoboken?


There’s been chatter in Hoboken about a new NJ Light Rail stop being built eventually near 18th Street just to our north in neighboring Weehawken.

With all the “proposed” high-density development from the Rockefeller Group being discussed, one may argue that it’s a good idea – one, to encourage the use of mass transit, and give alternate means of transportation once the area is densely populated.

Others may argue that along with the density, comes the natural risk that “undesirables” will use the access point to perpetrate crimes in Hoboken (which has been proven ever since the 2nd Street and especially the 9th Street stations went into use.)

What do you think? More light rail stops? Will it help the Hoboken economy?

18th Street Light Rail Stop weehawken NJ - 18th Street Light Rail Station?

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rich k
rich k
Friday, February 7, 2014 2:26 pm

Not only do people use it, it is packed on rush hours, and would likely be even more so, if Hoboken were to pressure HBLR to restore the service cuts they put into effect. Between completely canceling direct service to Hoboken Terminal, and reducing the remaining JC bound trains to one car, they’ve crippled their own growth capacity.
Where is the “mugged” reference coming from, HomeTeam? The areas around both the 2nd and 9th St. stations have been steadily growing with new and rebounding residences and developing commerce and arts (Monroe Center?). Sounds like you haven’t been on the west side of town in years, if not decades.
As for the 18th St. station, As I noted above I was aware of that possibility years ago. Let’s take it a step further, and extend the almost completed MTA 7 line past Javits under the river to the Secaucus Lautenberg Station, and add an 18th St. station connection to an HBLR that actually follows the existing right of way into Bergen County as far north as Englewood, as it was originally proposed. Then watch the north end of Hoboken explode with new development.

Thursday, February 6, 2014 10:36 am

Do people actually use the LR in Hoboken? If you have a desire to get mugged, or go to the Newport Mall, to get mugged, I guess it is has been an overwhelming success.

Thursday, January 31, 2013 10:43 pm

The property south of 18th Street north of the HBLR tracks is actually still Hoboken, not Weehawken between Willow and the Palisade cliffs.

Thursday, January 31, 2013 3:31 pm

I think the 18th Street stop is a great idea. But I’d also love to see the HBLR expand rather than add stops. Extend out to Secaucus Junction, Harmon Meadow Plaza, the Meadowlands and the American Dreams mall. Go north into Edgewater and up to the GWB…… you know, actually have some stops in Bergen County

rich k
rich k
Thursday, January 31, 2013 2:57 pm

Would love to see the numbers to bear out the implied link between heightened crime and the HBLR stations at 2nd and 9th. Living in the area since 2005, my purely anecdotal observations have been the opposite.
Adding a stop at 18th in Hoboken (a truly desolate area at night, starting to ‘wake up” with the addition of the Pilsner Haus) and at Jersey Ave. near 18th in JC, between Hoboken terminal and 2nd, would help solidify the neighborhood as a living destination, especially if HBLR restores the service cut backs that can make it faster to walk from HOB PATH to 9th after 9:30 at night and on weekends.

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