Doxen dog (returned) in Hoboken

9:30pm Update: “Pinky” was quickly re-united with their owners aboard the Yankee Ferry.

Doxen dog found in Hoboken, NJ

A shivering dog was found near Maxwell Place in Hoboken, NJ this evening!

One Hoboken411 reader sent this in:

“I was out for a run this evening at around 5:30pm and I found this little lady, wet and shivering, under a bench all of the way out on the pier in front of Maxwell Place (the pier at the end of 12th street). I have contacted the police and the humane society, but I don’t want her to go to a shelter where a bunch of dogs are packed into cages. She looks like a blonde, long haired Doxen and a little bit older.”

They didn’t want their personal contact info online – so send an email to Hoboken411 if this is your dog.

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