4th Ward trouble today


Some kid was bopped over the head with a bat, but he’s apparently ok, and back in the neighborhood. Additionally, police found this suspected gun-toter and came up empty with a weapon (claiming “false alarm”).


I haven’t been able to ascertain exactly what’s been going on in the projects of the 4th Ward today (I wasted 4 hours at the car dealer service station) but here’s what I’ve heard:

This morning, there was some kind of assault/attempted assault involving a baseball bat, down near 3rd and Harrison and 310 Marshall Drive. Police responded, and it appeared nothing happened, but there was a “large crowd” gathering. This was overheard on the scanner.

Then shortly thereafter, it was reported that a man carrying a gun was seen headed towards the projects. Police responded, and were unable to locate him. They stayed in the area, with the suspicion that this actor had gone into one of the HHA buildings. This is when I had to leave Hoboken.

While out of town, I received several calls and emails regarding a “lockdown” going on in the 4th Ward. Multiple police units stationed around, and it appears that they’re on a manhunt of some kind.

If you listen to the live police scanner now, you can hear the increased level of activity going on.

Anyone else hear what’s happening?


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[quote comment=”50289″][quote comment=”50255″]What is wrong with you guys?

Besides not being the slightest bit funny (townie) I can assure you that your comments are probably already printed out and under doors on campos campaign literature in the HA….[/quote]

They can’t read, so to print it out as campaign literature means nothing. They don’t vote and they are collectively lazy and just sit back to collect the check on the 1st of the month.

They vote with greater regularity than the yuppies that surround them. In fact they are Campos’ base, which he plays to by talking about the evil developers. Of course its a shell game that he is playing, as he accepts funds and carries water for the very developers that are building the condos that surround his voting base.

Again I believe that Hobokentownie may be doing this to support Campos and or his developer buddies.


[quote comment=”50289″]
Nothing racist, crude or slanderous here – only speaking the truth. When there is a dragnet, mugging, gun play or an assault on Hudson by some white folk, I talk about it with you and modify my comments.

As much as I hate to even acknowledge some of Townie’s posts, I’d just like to point out that there was a shooting in the 4th ward on October 23rd by a white guy, aided by another white guy who drove the getaway car — according to the police blotter at least. Last time I checked – skin color wasn’t a prerequisit to being a criminal or even for being a plain old a$$ hole, like Townie.

And for all you posters who imply that opinions expressed in any one post reflect the opnions of the site as a whole or the majority of the posters — get a life. It’s a public site – anyone can post. People who post pathetic racist crap just show what sorry losers they are and discredit all their other posts. I still like to think that most of the people in my town are decent people.


OK sorry Foster. Just found that in the past if I wasn’t complete and specific enough, someone invariably comes up with a tried and true talking point to counter my comments.


easy there easy e…I’m with you. I was refering to those who not only only take advantage of the chaos of proverty but may even perperuate it to thier advantage. Intimidating people, threatening thier apartments, their jobs, questioning thier loyalty or making promises of protection. All this while selling out to the builders of the very luxaury condos that will eventually surround thier homes or displace them entirely. Convincing people that open space is for “yuppies” when the real reason is that there is more money to be made. You are not worth a new park.

Being mugged is absolutly a crime….what they do is a sin.


I believe that the objective of the site is: A web community for various information, news, topics and reviews complemented with user comments for businesses and anything else Hoboken.

So the biased comments really have no place here and in fact signigicantly reduce the effeciveness of the site. Please, hobokentownie, post your emotional comments elsewhere.