Hobotown – 10/26/2007


By T.G. Heins:


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Do these people believe that they see local artist work at the “Hoboken” Arts and Music Festival? Most of the people showing there are seasoned, traveling tri-state craftspeople. I’ve visited the studio tours a ton and have never seen the “smashed wine bottle art” maker, or the photographer who shows B&W pics of manhattan that I see copies of all over Times Square. Ugh.


I went in there for the tour, There was one that looked promising, this “collective” called Gaia. They only had about 5 pieces out – which I thought were pretty nice, some painted pieces that were stitched into, I though they were very interesting. I heard the group consisted of 11 women, well seems like they’re pretty damned lazy with the exception of that one person.

The other group in there included this guy who paints these graphic paintings, black lines over a bright color, usually of goth/rockabilly/funky tattoed chicks. His name was… Preseanti (?) – or something like that. His stuff is great, he was really friendly (as they all were). There was a woman next door who is a really great painter, I think her name was Deutch, loved her work.

This group gets it. They presented their work to people, made the spaces inviting and made it worth the trip.

I hope that building stays intact, though the state it’s in, it’s ashame that they don’t clean it up a bit, seems like a lot of wasted space in there. I would like to see it keep functioning as an artist space, but it wouldn’t hurt to get some other use out of it for the community.


My Uncle has a Guild D-40 that was made in the Neumann Leather building when Guild was set up there. The label inside says “Made in Hoboken, NJ, USA” and the serial # is written in blue ink. It’s beat up, but it sounds nice.

That place is a landmark. Sorry if the windows in your overpriced condo face it…but it was there first.


Black Bear.


What’s the Brown Club?