Trader Joe’s Hoboken

Trader Joe’s one week away in Hoboken

One week from today, Trader Joe’s will open their doors uptown at 14th & Willow.

While retail should no longer excite normal people, this remains a good circumstance for residents. TJ’s definitely has some better prices on organic stuff over rip-offs like Kings. It’d be much better if Trader Joe’s was open 24 hours – brilliant, in fact – but I guess their accountants and lawyers probably have justifications as to why they’re not.

And the 9AM opening time is also a buzzkill for anyone who might want to knock their grocery to-do’s off their list before work. Oh well.

We’ll forever make the weekly visits to Wegmans instead, as the value, selection, and quality are beyond worth the effort. But we’ll hit up TJ’s only if they run good sales on our usual staples – nothing else.

trader joes hoboken NJ may 19 2017

Hoboken Trader Joes May 19th 2017

City Council approves “out of scope” changes to Trader Joe’s

4/27/2016 Update:

While most “small” businesses in Hoboken get jerked around (often times to the tune of 6 to 12 months of costly – and unjustifiable – delays), the lemming City Council approved a parking spot-depleting adjustment to the Trader Joe’s plan like a cheap Tijuana hooker would happily take 10 cents on the dollar tonight.

Sure, everyone LOVES Trader Joe’s, so “fuck those stupid parking spaces.” (Until you’re driving around for hours looking for one.)

The hypocrisy within our society is mind-numbing.

It actually blows my mind that the city, despite the “awesomeness” of a decent, capitalistic retail establishment, would just kick their residents to the curb for what is essentially POOR URBAN PLANNING!

This sets a precedent to further “much wanted” trendy establishments to alter the sensible and logistical arrangement of a densely-packed city of people.

Much of this same kind of mismanagement took place over the past few decades as they “built up” in Hoboken without having an ounce of common sense on how to deal with (what they say in the industry) is “volume.”

Good luck at Trader Joe’s once they’re packed to the brim and cannot handle the…. volume. (Look to “Yelp” the first weeks after they open to see “we love it, but hate the hassle!”)

New Hoboken Trader Joe’s: Eliminates 24 parking spots

4/25/2016 Update:

Tomorrow in a special Hoboken Council meeting, the city will “decide” whether to “allow” the new Trader Joe’s opening up over at the mixed-use Willow14 building uptown to eliminate two-dozen street parking spaces near the intersection of 13th Streets and Clinton Street. You read that right – the inclusion of a new supermarket will alter the number of available parking spots for residents and visitors.

That is of course, why they use the euphemism “for pedestrian safety” when talking about it.

This plan also suggests that the 18-wheelers delivering food would have problems if the road wasn’t modified.


This is the worst thing about city planning. Some crap always sneaks in at the end – when it’s already too late. If the city had any balls – they’d tell Trader Joe’s “Too bad, the originally approved plan is the plan. Deliver with smaller trucks then. Sorry!”

The mayor don Zimmer sucking council will absolutely approve this.


Less (or none) for YOU – MORE for them!

Trader Joe's in Hoboken NJ eliminates 24 parking spots for cars

Trader Joe’s Hoboken

8/3/2015 Update:

Two and a half years ago we mentioned that Trader Joe’s had apparently signed a lease over at the Willow14 spot uptown. Well, that has indeed been true.

They’re currently still “signed on” as a tenant of that building currently under construction (after a lengthy site remediation process). Who knows if they’ll remained signed on if the project hits any snags. They’re currently doing “traffic studies” and other studies to see how much you can cram into 1.3 square miles of land before it sinks into the Hudson.

But the wish for an awesome supermarket has been granted. Just don’t go hungry waiting!

Trader Joe's Hoboken NJ Willow 14

Trader Joe’s Rumors abound in Hoboken, NJ


Trader Joes Hoboken NJThe Trader Joe’s chatter has picked up once again in Hoboken.

With the Hoboken population swelling – and lines growing longer at all supermarkets in town – it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have more of a food selection, right?

As of now, we have two spots in particular that are at the top of the list.

Hopefully, one of them will pan out!

Willow14 supposedly signed lease already with Trader Joe’s

We heard from sources that Advance Realty, the developer of the Willow14 project actually already signed Trader Joe’s on as their major tenant at this site.

However, questions remain if the site will be developed according to their original plans (six stories of underground parking, etc.) As you know this site has been plagued with “quality of life” issues as toxins get removed. Hoboken residents have been complaining to deaf ears of politicians about the toxic fumes emanating each week.

Trader Joes Willow 14 Hoboken NJ

Maxwell Place also a possible Trader Joe’s site

This latest buzz may not be as credible as the 14th & Willow site, as much of it has come from local construction workers and nearby businesses – but the newest Maxwell Place building is massive, and would be a prime spot for a Trader Joe’s.

Area residents would also welcome the competition, being an excellent alternative to what some say is an “over-priced” King’s Supermarket a block away. We’ll see!

Trader Joes Maxwell Place Hoboken NJ

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Friday, May 12, 2017 10:58 pm

Not thrilled with the layout at all. But I’ll still check it out from time to time. More options the better. Time will tell if this works or not. Judging how lazy most are, this will do fine because no one likes to put effort into anything anymore. So they will have a solid core customer base. But with todays social media army it does not take much to ruffle feathers and cause unnecessary disruption over a simple misunderstanding.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 11:02 am

I was impressed by the level of privileged hypocrisy exhibited at the meeting last night. Private Parking lot owners with “plenty of spaces available” in their costly facilities, so sure, get rid of that cheap on-street parking. Shipyard residents who believe cars should be discouraged in Hoboken, residents who think parking permits should be priced much higher to greatly reduce public car ownership, People who want more free parking after hours. People who spoke of their willingness to see those spaces eliminated even though that was where they ent occasionally to hunt a temporary space because for some short-term reason, the parking right outside their own homes was temporarily unavailable. People who hate cars, think everyone should walk or ride rent-a-bikes, but want the City to accommodate 18-wheelers on tine side streets. Uber riders who have plenty of funds so “who needs the hassle of cars anyway” (the Uber drivers live somewhere else, I think it’s called NIMBY-land), and a seemingly widely held view, whether or not spoken out loud, that there is no amount of inconvenience that adjacent property owners should suffer that is too great in exchange for the greater good of cheap quality eats at a hip place that employs many, many people full time. But, Oh, there will be on-site parking for me when I drive there to pick up some wine and cheese for my fondue party, though, right? Wait, maybe I was at a Trump rally? “We’re going to make Hoboken great again, we’re… Read more »

Monday, April 25, 2016 5:54 pm

Why does the city need their own parking spots in the building? What kind of deal is that?

Monday, August 3, 2015 11:43 pm

Oh give me a break 411 – you reported this nearly 3 years ago and feel the need to resurface the rumor. Give me a break – don’t you think Trader Joe’s Corp. would advertise this somewhat more than you have if they are indeed opening in the near future – puh-lease.

There is no parking on site for patrons, no handicap access and folks will not be hauling away 12 bags of TJ groceries at a time. Shame on you for getting the hopes of citizens up on “rumors” which are still pending “parking studies”.

Reply to  sunnybrook
Tuesday, August 4, 2015 10:42 am

The building has 3 or 4 levels of underground parking beneath it’s entire footprint and is adjacent to an underutilized Rite Aid parking lot, where I am sure they could work out a licensing deal for say 10 or 15 spaces. And if it’s conveniently located, why haul away 12 bags all at once. That’s suburban thinking. If you’re doing your weekly shopping for a family of 4, you probably shouldn’t be doing it at TJ’s. If your shopping for today and tomorrow, 2 bags is plenty.

Monday, March 11, 2013 11:00 am

The Trader Joe’s website still does not say anything about a store opening in Hoboken or Jersey City.

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