Rockefeller Demolition

Uptown Hoboken transforming thanks to Rockefeller Group

Many of you who travel in and out of Hoboken via uptown roads might not realize this – but did you know that the buildings between Willow and Park are currently in the process of being taken down?

It’s not plainly obvious from the street level, but the Rockefeller Group is slowly dismantling these old factory buildings from the inside out. In fact, there was fear a few weeks ago that one of these bad boys was in danger of collapse – but they managed to avoid a disaster.

What exactly will come to fruition in these spaces remains to be seen, but just like promises made to keep building heights “low” for the NJ Transit development project downtown were quickly forgotten, a betting man here would put his money on the taller scenario here uptown. You know the phrase “money talks!”

Rockefeller Group Demolition Hoboken NJ - Rockefeller Demolition
Rockefeller Group Demolition Hoboken NJ 2 - Rockefeller Demolition
Rockefeller Group Demolition Hoboken NJ 3 - Rockefeller Demolition

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Monday, January 28, 2013 12:06 pm

Good, they’re an eyesore.

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