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Here’s a great story about how Willow Tailoring & Dry Cleaners came through for a resident and Hoboken411 reader Kim. A good story I wish we’d hear more often.

hoboken-bridesmaids-dress.jpg“I wanted to share something with you about Willow Dry Cleaning (1123 Willow) in hopes that you would consider sharing it with your readers, mostly because I believe this kind of service and dedication is an anomaly.

In retrospect, the details seem unimportant, but I had to do some last minute alterations to a bridesmaid’s dress for a wedding this past Saturday. So, I dropped it off with Mr. & Mrs. Kim who I have been using for years because they always do a beautiful job in a timely manner. I dropped off on the Saturday before and it was to be ready on Thursday, which was cutting it close since I had to leave Friday morning for Villanova, PA.

To make a long story short, the dress was not ready when I went to pick it up Friday morning, and I could not change my departure that morning because I was due to be at bridal luncheon and was driving two others in the wedding party.

dry-cleaning-hoboken.jpgAfter contemplating the option the FedExing the dress, the Kim’s saw that I was beyond nervous that it would get stuck in a the vast logistical nightmare of overnight delivery options. So, they asked me for the address of my hotel and said they had GPS…. Were they really going to drive my dress to PA? Yes, and they did… Dropping it off by 4 PM – saving the day, and my ass.

I cannot say enough about them and the work that they have done for their customers over the years. I think it is rare to find people who are willing to go the extra mile- let alone 100 – for their customers.

I will use them for the rest of my days in Hoboken. Feel free to share the story, if you think it would be of interest in a feel good kind of way. Everyone I have shared it with has been astonished and some mentioned that I should send to you. Otherwise, try them out — they are awesome!”

Keep well!

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I can’t read the comments, font is tiny, are you having technical difficulties?If its my computer I can’t read 411 anymore!!!!! OHNO


psssst. nobody tell kooky that her “holier than thou” attitude is just as offensive as the “young” hobokenite’s “selfish” attitude.

she probably wouldn’t hear you anyway since that pedestal is mighty tall. she’s probably enjoying a nice cold half empty glass of milk now as we speak.

i hope her knowing she is the supreme being in hoboken helps her fall asleep mighty fast.

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I read this site everyday and have never posted a comment BUT I have registered so I can post this comment….I can’t say enough about Mr. & Mrs. Kim. They provide high quality service and are friendly and responsible to boot. I am not really surprised that Kathy and her husband “went the extra mile” – that level of service is standard at Willow Cleaners. It is by far the best dry cleaner I have ever been to – and yes Kathy, is fabulous. I give Willow Cleaners 5 stars!

oh well okay
oh well okay

sure – they screwed up by not having it ready, but how many cleaners would have attempted to remedy their error? simple answer – probably only 1. the park cleaners between 10th and 11th completely dropped the ball on a simple dry cleaning prior to a funeral and really f’d me over by not having my stuff done – which was dropped off with plenty of time. their answer was there was nothing we can do.

i am sure they didn’t want to drive out to P.A. but realized that what they do is impt to the people who are their customers – and took their business seriously enough to literally go the extra mile.


I could use a hug