Hoboken photo leftovers: Jan. 26th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: January 26, 2013

Below more leftover photo updates from the past week:

(Lack of) Hoboken Charm

The absence of Hoboken Charm continues – as the fallen sign we mentioned over 3 weeks ago remains busted:

This is how strollers should be “parked”

Last week, we mentioned how strollers impede passage on Hoboken sidewalks. Now on the other hand, this day care center on Washington Street understands, and keeps their strollers out of the damn way!

Luxxe Espresso

Not sure how I missed this one, but what was once Dames Coffee turned into Luxxe Espresso about a year ago! I always stop by when I’m in the neighborhood – nice & smooth! Just wish they carried heavy cream… which is how people living a low carb life roll.

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Kinda OT but I can’t help but think that expensive strollers are an important element of the status wars arms race.

I also think ill win today’s noshitsherlock award for that comment.