Hoboken ticket robbery continues

Ticketed in Hoboken even though parking was supposed to be FREE!

More Hoboken parking nonsense! Be aware if you come visit our lovely city, people!

Hoboken411 reader Mike wanted to share what a friend of his went through before the holidays last year.

For one – Hoboken meter parking was supposed to be FREE for the holidays (you know, “generous Hoboken!”)

But not only did Hoboken make NO EFFORT to tell people – get this – THEY STILL TICKETED PEOPLE ANYWAY!

And even worse – not only was the ticket not supposed to happen – they even got the TIME wrong (even if parking WASN’T free!) A double-screw up!

Hoboken give illegal parking tickets at muni meters - Hoboken ticket robbery continues

Hoboken parking ticket wrong. And wrong again.

“Just wanted to send you along another example of the great scam that the parking situation has turned into.

My friend posted this picture recently about getting a ticket in Hoboken. He has been working at a local shop lately and was there a ton around the Christmas rush. Now before the new pay meter were in effect, you would hear about people who would get tickets before their meter would even be up but not being able to do anything about it.

Now there is clear evidence that cant be disputed. He got a ticket for an expired ticket meter time, 3 minutes before it expired. Interesting how that works. Unfortunately He works so much (all over NJ) that it is not worth taking time off of work to fight it.

What do you think of that new efficient parking tickets now?”

Remember – not only was this ticket not supposed to happen at all – they got the time wrong anyway! Beware of the shocking and inconvenient incompetence when you drive through Hoboken!

Not only do our Real Estate values need to be re-assessed – our entire city administration does as well! Shame on them!

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Monday, January 28, 2013 12:12 pm

I think this is grounds to fight in court. You have evidence to show that it was an illegal ticket.

Friday, January 25, 2013 4:18 pm

Criminal. The amount equal to all fines and parking fees collected should be deducted from the mayors paycheck.

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