Sidewalk Disparity

Some Hoboken sidewalks are well-maintainted; others not

When you walk around Hoboken as much as we do – you’ll notice big differences between certain areas in town.

Take this spot uptown. This section is cluttered with disgusting garbage at almost all times. Now I’m not sure if it’s a tenant in one of the nearby buildings or not, but the fact that it’s in front of several street-level businesses is a bit disturbing. If I was one of those businesses, I’d make sure the exterior of our building looked inviting to customers, wouldn’t you?

Hoboken restaurants actually clean sidewalks with soap, too!

Contrarily – I’ve spotted a bunch of restaurants (like Maxwell’s, Helmers and many Asian places) not only keep the sidewalks free of debris – but even cleanse and scrub the sidewalk with soap or de-greaser.

It’d be nice if, as part of the “Hoboken Charm,” some of the businesses just took a few minutes each day to have some pride!

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