Hoboken photo leftovers: Jan. 19th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: January 19, 2013

Below are some miscellaneous photo updates from the past week:

What else happened in Hoboken last week?

In the photo gallery above:

  • Photo 1: The former Gaslight Bar still undergoing renovations since being under new ownership. The are apparently installing a mechanical bull as well. What’s the over/under on before that gets removed in some legal dispute?
  • Photo 2: That new Green Yogurt place in the strip mall downtown is now open. Amazing. Hope they can make enough to pay the rent with those 3 machines.
  • Photo 3: You know that new automated dry cleaner Refresh24 at 113 Washington Street? The one that irons on barcodes to all kids of fabrics? Not sure if this spot at 96 Adams is going to be a second location in town, or just administrative offices.
  • Photo 4: We told you a few weeks ago – that dumpy liquor store downtown now added “Hoboken Tacos” to their offerings. I will not volunteer to be a test subject.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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