City Hall to blame for crime uptick?

Hoboken stifles police effectiveness with towing megalomania

For a very long time – the “official” towing duties in Hoboken, NJ was the responsibility of Mile Square Towing. They’re the ONLY local tow truck company within our constrained and congested borders.

Some peers and I have been discussing the whole situation as of late, because the “reform” administration (Dawn Zimmer, et. al.) has been “hell-bent” on removing everything that may have had anything to do with previous administrations – and only that reason. No careful thought, no logical reasoning – just “get rid of everything and let our sticky fingerprints remain so we can take credit because we have nothing meaningful or productive to do.”

So they created a convoluted new “system” in how police towing works. Just for the sake of removing or reducing what was there prior (some call that “spite.”)

Instead of the LOCAL, geographically convenient system we had in the past (despite it being the only company – and as some may argue “a monopoly,”) we now have FOUR towing companies that handle the daily towing duties required.

Doesn’t sound bad on paper until you understand how it works…

Hoboken Towing rules results in uptick in crime - City Hall to blame for crime uptick?

Hoboken towing policy takes cops off streets, city less safe

The deal is that the following four towing companies “rotate:” Mile Square Towing (Hoboken), Main Towing (North Bergen), Truchan Towing (Jersey City), and Logan Towing (also Jersey City).

Each company is on a 20 minute “timer.” Let’s say, for instance – a car is illegally blocking an intersection and must be towed. Whomever is on the clock at the moment HAS to arrive within a pre-determined period, or the next company in line has to take the car. They cannot even be ONE SECOND LATE.

In a ritual that happens DAILY – police officers MUST remain on the scene of the car until one particular tow truck arrives. And because of this new ridiculous system, one particular officer is there WAY LONGER than what is necessary.

Because every day, many “screwups” happen. Whether it be the company from North Bergen gets stuck in traffic getting here, missing the deadline – then the officer waits for the next tow company on the list. Or say the tow company from Jersey City gets here, and realizes that the car is 4WD – and they need a flatbed, the officer then waits for the next tow company on the list. And what if the next tow company also brings a tow truck instead of flatbed – the officer again waits for the next tow company on the list.

This happens all the time, but last week in particular – an officer spent a huge chunk of their 8 hour shift WAITING FOR TOW COMPANIES! Instead of the officer patrolling town, adding police presence and being available for emergency calls – they’re stuck with bullshit complications that the CURRENT MAYORAL ADMINISTRATION CREATED. Just because of their megalomania.

If I were Mayor – I’d give ALL the jobs back to Mile Square Towing. Why? Because it is a LOGICAL business decision, and the cost of reducing your police staff by even one body for an extended period of time is not a responsibility I’d want to have on my record (and more importantly my conscience.)

We now have daytime carjackings, brazen store burglaries and other violent crimes happening at a ever-increasing pace.

Do something NOW Mayor! Fix this asinine problem you have created!

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