Proof that print really is dying!

When boobs can’t sell papers – you got serious problems

One interesting trend I’ve noticed (besides shrinking newspapers), is the NYC papers like the NY Daily News and the NY Post remain largely unsold towards the end of each day.

My rough estimates based on how high the stacks are – the Daily News definitely seems to outsell the Post. And it definitely seems like the Post might be a bit desperate – as they frequently have some scantily-clad lady on the cover – and from what the newsstand owner tells me “only couple are sold daily,” and that it’s quite a bit of work to rip the covers off and return them for credit.

Here’s one cover about some bimbo model talking about sex and the end of the world:

And below is another cover with a woman in a skimpy bikini.

I can imagine one day, full-fledged nudity will be allowed in papers in a desperate attempt to save that dying industry. Warn your kids!

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