City Council Meeting – 1/16/2013

Dilly-Doyling Hoboken City Council

Jim Doyle council appointment questioned in Hoboken NJWe’ll touch on some really low level (almost school-like) politics today for the handful of people in Hoboken that even pay attention to these council meetings.

As we told you this past fall – there were some concerns regarding the legality of Zimmer’s vote to appoint Jim Doyle to the Hoboken City Council. This – after Carol Marsh executed a purposely-delayed exit from the council so that the Zimmer administration could avoid a special election to fill the vacant seat.

Well – four of the council members wanted to give the right to choose the vacant seat to the people – and not a “private club” of cronies at city hall. They filed their own self-funded legal motion – and NJ Judge Peter Bariso, Jr. ruled that the Zimmer vote was illegal – and Doyle had to step down from the council.

2nd Ward Councilwoman Mason sent this letter out to constituents explaining what happened, saying “While you are footing the bill for this lawsuit, the Mayor and her allies claim that a special election to fill the vacancy would be too expensive. It is a shame that City Hall is choosing to disenfranchise voters with taxpayers’ money. From the very beginning I have supported your right to decide who should replace Carol Marsh through a special election. Why is the political machine afraid to let you decide?”

They’ll be much grand-standing again tonight. For those that hate to read, here’s a video summary of what is going on:

NJ Judge rules that “abstention” does not count as “no”

Additionally – here’s another video – which might possibly set a precedent here in New Jersey. As Newark Mayor Cory Booker attempted to do a similar “council appointment,” but the Judge in this case ruled an abstention CANNOT be counted as a NO vote.

Interesting to see how this case may impact the case here in Hoboken. See below for documents, etc.

Hoboken City Council Meeting of January 16, 2013

Inspect meeting documents below – and click here at 7pm to watch live video stream if you dare.

Just a few things to note:

  1. The legal bills are once again insane!
  2. You thought all that playground stuff at Church Square Park was free? Whoops! Another $30k worth of property taxpayer money going to pay for “additional products.” Nah, we didn’t see that coming!

Hoboken NJ City Council Meeting January 16 2013

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013 11:03 am

I think alot has been left out in this post. If you are saying one side is playing politics why not point out that other side is obviously doing so….oh right.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 10:24 am

The seat is obviously important if they’re willing to take the fight to court. Such divisiveness at city hall the past few years. Very unprofessional.

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