Hoboken photo leftovers: Jan. 12th

Hoboken photo remains of the week: January 12, 2013

Hope everyone is enjoying their new year so far – and has been able to avoid the H3N2 flu bug.

If you’ve been sick (or still are), I highly recommend you all research the most incredible miracle supplement called Black Seed Oil. Prepare to be amazed! (You’ll thank me later!)

See below for descriptions…

What else happened in Hoboken last week?

In the photo gallery above:

  • Photo 1: A few people asked me if there was a new NY Waterway Ferry service to the east side of Manhattan – because they saw this tent uptown. However, it’s just a leftover tent they’re using to shelter commuters from wet weather. Sorry, guys!
  • Photo 2: McDonald’s is getting an interior upgrade. Sadly – no changes to the damage this slop does to YOUR innards!
  • Photo 3: Without a doubt, the canine population is at an all-time high in Hoboken. The little sitting area outside Starbucks uptown is now routinely at capacity!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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