Reporter Roundup – 10/22/2007


After comparing the number of ad-dominated pages to news articles in last week’s Hoboken Reporter we suggested a more appropriate name for paper would be the Hoboken Advertiser. Once again, a little math:

  • Pages this week (not including 2 ad inserts): 60
  • Pages covered 100% by Advertising: 26
  • Pages at least 50% covered by Advertising: 23

49 of the 60 pages are dominated not by reporting, but by advertising.


Left Cover Story: School Board Erupts

The fireworks from last week’s Board of Education meeting are the topic of this article, which provides more details on the head butting between Superintendent Jack Raslowsky and members of the fragile coalition that forms a tenuous majority. When pushed by Raslowsky, the majority often crumbles. Rose Marie Markle is depicted as the majority member most steadfast in her positions. Markle gets her picture on the front page and is described as “no-nonsense” in the story.

Right Cover Story: Fourth Ward Mudbath

All of the week’s charges and countercharges in the Fourth Ward are listed in this front-page article, including the now infamous blurry photo of Dawn Zimmer walking her dog with the caption “Who’s walking who?”

Read “beneath the cover” below!


Page 2: First of many Full Page Ads

Big sale at the Ethan Allen. Ka-Ching!

Page 3: Our Creepy County Part 1

This is a strange story with no real Hoboken angle. Here we learn at least one dead body found in Hudson County each year that cannot be identified.

Page 4: The Briefs and Four White Guys

The first brief of the week involves Thursday’s non-news announced at the North Hudson Sewerage Authority about wet weather pumping stations, complete with a picture of Mayors Stack, Turner, and Roberts along with NHSA Chief “Grumpy” Fred Pocci. Hoboken citizen and 4th Ward council candidate Chris Campos is also seen at the table in this Hoboken411 shot of the meeting.


The second brief notes the Zoning Board rejection of the high-rise condo plan for the Church of the Holy Innocents. The third recounts rumors the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks display could involve a Hudson River barge next year.

Page 5: Stop Sign Video Cameras Coming?

We noted in our City Council preview the ordinance on first reading to allow cameras to record and ticket people who run stop signs. The article includes comments from council watchdog Helen Hirsch about often coming close to being hit by cars, followed by an unfortunate choice of words by Councilman Peter Cammarano, who says if the ordinance passes “The impact is going to be felt by pedestrians.” Like getting hit by a car? A public hearing and final vote will be held at the next council meeting November 7th.

Page 6: Police Briefs – Shots Fired!

  • Shots were fired near 320 Marshall Drive in the Hoboken Housing Authority on October 7th. Police arrived and found witnesses who “refused to disclose any further information on the matter.” No word if they were wearing “Stop Snitching” T-shirts.
  • Meanwhile, close by on the 300 block of Harrison Street, a woman reported $235 in cash stolen. The trail led to the arrest of a man who had the cash, along with cocaine and crack.
  • A 48-year-old man who gave the Hoboken Homeless Shelter as his home address was arrested for stealing a bicycle on the 800 block of Bloomfield. The woman who reported the bike stolen came out to find her new bike replaced by an old one. She called police when she later spotted a man who appeared to be riding her bike.

Page 13: Ribbon Cutting Photo of the Week

Under the heading of “Good News” we find a number of photos, including the prerequisite ribbon cutting… but what’s this? No Mayor Roberts with the official giant scissors in this photo? I guess even the Mayor draws the line at the “grand opening” of yet another dry cleaners.

Page 14: Governmental Glossary

The Reporter begins the first in an occasional series of articles defining and explaining municipal terms in the news like “Abbott School District,” “Combined Sewer System” and a favorite of HCDO watchers: “Indictment.”

Page 19: Even More Briefs

Open houses are ahead at the YMCA and Jubilee Center, a Hayride and Pumpkin Painting Festival has been scheduled, and the Hoboken University Medical Center is offering free breast screenings. (Write your own joke here.)

Page 20: The Usual Kiss-Butt Restaurant Review

kiss-ass-restaurant-review-hoboken.jpgDiana Schwaebel once again breaks out her golden book of superlatives to write another glowing review of one of Hoboken’s restaurants. If I just read the Reporter, I’d consider Hoboken the “Culinary Capital of the World”! This time the Liberty Bar and Grill gets the benefit of her largesse. Have you ever seen the Reporter give a restaurant/advertiser a poor review? Me either.

Why don’t more readers challenge their motives? Or are those letters sent to the shredder

Pages 55 & 56: Letters to the Editor

Hoboken411 Hoboken Reporter letters to the editorTwo pages of letters this week followed by four full pages of ads. FYI, if this many letters are printed each week for a year, it would still be 20% less than Hoboken411 gets in reader comments in ONE week.

  • The lead letter comes from Dawn Zimmer’s husband, who recounts the cover story in the paper.
  • Chris Campos writes about development and flooding issues for a second week in a row (maybe going for Dawn Zimmer’s record of four straight weeks?)
  • Meghan Dinneen responds to Campos’ letter last week, noting the former councilman may not have seen the raw sewage in the streets from his 10th floor apartment.
  • John Stevens Keim writes a humorous letter about “fecal fruit”, suggesting that 4th ward residents symbolically toss it at Campos by voting against him.
  • School Board Member and new HHA Deputy Director Carmelo Garcia writes a long-winded letter that seems to kick off his re-election campaign.
  • Peter Braverman says he sent an email invitation to Chris Campos to come discuss issues with voters in his building, but never got a response.
  • Steve Kosmacher has the must-read letter of the week taking Mayor Roberts to task for his comments and inaction regarding open space, parks, and overdevelopment.
  • Failed City Council candidate Richard Tremitiedi follows up on the Reporter’s hit piece on Hoboken411 last week. The ex-Fire Chief is still steaming about an article we published about his double-parking practices.
  • Rachel Goldberg found herself giggling at Chris Campos’ letter in last week’s paper.
  • Kevingerarrd Cannon writes a glowing letter about the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival, but again no mention of the goo the vendors poured into the storm drains.
  • David Radlin thanks Hoboken Fire Battalion Chief Joseph LaBruno for his fast response to a fire in his building. For those scoring at home, Joseph LaBruno is the brother of Police Chief Carmen LaBruno, and the husband of Councilwoman Terry LaBruno, who is the niece of former Mayor Steve Cappiello. Battalion Chief LaBruno is also the uncle of Police Sgt. Christopher LaBruno, who is mentioned in the Police Briefs.
  • Quality of Life Coalition coordinator Helen Manogue endorses the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition’s SW6 Action Plan.
  • Melissa Abernathy of the Hoboken Historical Museum recaps the Pet Parade.
  • The Reporter must have had extra space to fill on Page 2 of the letters, because they turned a PSE&G press release about testing home heating systems into a “Letter to the Editor.”
  • Teresa Riquelme shares a poem about a Golden Retriever.

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[quote comment=”49618″]Back in my college days I read an earlier version of this book.

If you didn’t already know this, first and foremost news outlets are a business. They are not a public service. They have their own agendas based on their business needs. They will play nice or nasty with politicians all based on their needs.[/quote]

Found my book. The chapter I was thinking about is called “Dear Mr. President…” and details the cause effect of Richard E. Berlin (then CEO of Hearth Corporation) and six of his friends sent to President Nixon. They wanted favor, and if they didn’t get it during the next election Nixon would not be feeling the love of the many media sources they controlled.
[quote comment=”49469″]Campos’ letter implies that he has lived in Hoboken since day 1, while Zimmer has not. It was my impression that prior to serving on council, Campos lived in Jersey City. If this is true, then it was rather disingenuous to take a crack at Zimmer for being a relatively recent Hoboken resident. [/quote] Also disingenuous was Campos not even mentioning HCA (Hudson County Alliance) – The citizens organization which was formed to protect public health, safety and the quality of life from harmful development. For those not familiar, the HCA was the organization that actually filed suit in New Jersey Superior Court to stop 101 Marshall Street in southwest Hoboken and to overturn approvals by the Hoboken Zoning Board, the North Hudson Sewerage Authority, and the Hoboken Construction Official needed to build the two 17 story towers and parking garage. The City of Jersey City and the City Council of Hoboken joined the HCA in the litigation asking the court to reverse the zoning approvals and stop construction of the project. The history of the Skyclub (101 Marshall) and the citizen group that tried to stop it is very convoluted and too long to detail here. Hoboken’s City Council did join in the suit. For the record, Campos put forward a resolution for Hoboken’s attorney to review the case for the purposes of having the council seek to intervene as an interested party. He also seconded an ordinance for review of the sewerage authority approval for the project… Read more »

Back in my college days I read an earlier version of this book.

If you didn’t already know this, first and foremost news outlets are a business. They are not a public service. They have their own agendas based on their business needs. They will play nice or nasty with politicians all based on their needs.


Funny how all the people who have ignored the flooding problem, some for the better part of a decade, now want praise for waking up to the issue.

Plus if you listened to the news report The sewage authority only plans to kick in 10 million leaving Hoboken to find tens of millions of dollars from other places.

One revenue source that was mentioned was developer givebacks which is something that Campos and his campaign manager Cammarano, who is on the planning board, have never required of their campaign donors/developers.


Re: the 4 white guys picture. Isn’t that Cammarano at the right end, 2nd to last?

How more completely could this be a campaign publicity stunt? Of all the council – even other weasels they love – they only ensure the presence of Campos and his campaign manager.