Drugged up Hoboken!

Pharmacies in Hoboken, NJ a big target after Hurricane Sandy

Two points with today’s Hoboken Photo of the Day:

  1. You know we lived in a drugged-up, chemically-dependent society – when one of the first victims during any power-outage or weather crisis is the pharmacies in Hoboken. Several locally-owned pharmacies were hit multiple times after Hurricane Sandy (including Willow Pharmacy pictured below). And what did the thieves nick? PILLS. Whether to use them for themselves, or sell them on the black market (or both). Sick drugs like Xanax and other psychotropic pills the medical industry has people hooked on for no good reason. Also probably contributes to a lot of the violent crime we’re seeing these days.
  2. This happens so much – why in the world every pharmacy doesn’t have bullet-proof metal shutters on them is beyond me. Maybe the more pills that get released in the wild means more customers in the future. Who knows.

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