Did you lose your cat during Sandy?

Hurricane Sandy forces neighborhood cats to flee Hoboken

When the flood waters raged in Hoboken during Hurricane Sandy – the feral cats around town apparently were smart enough to find a way to survive by migrating to higher grounds that hadn’t been compromised.

This may also include non-feral house cats that may belong to residents here in town.

Neighborhood Cats indicates that a new colony has formed right across our borders in Jersey City – and they indicate that there are definitely some house cats hanging out there. If you lost your kitty – read on!

Hoboken cats flooded out and migrated during hurricane sandy

ChipIn for the Jersey City Kitties

A colony of hurricane survivors needs help now!

Herbert Jersey City Feral CatCountless cats were harmed when Hurricane Sandy tore through the New York area. Colonies were shattered leaving ferals and strays hurt, hungry, frightened and without shelter from the cold.

Community cats in Hoboken, NJ were especially hard hit as the entire city was submerged by flood waters. But then a remarkable thing happened: the survivors migrated, finding their way, one cat at a time, to higher ground on the border of Jersey City. There more than 60 cats like Herbert (right) have come together to form a new colony.

Neighborhood Cats is now working hard to help the Jersey City Kitties start over. We’re underwriting dozens of spay/neuter surgeries at the People for Animals Spay/Neuter Clinic in Hillside, NJ and funding extra care, too, to treat upper respiratory infections and other problems. We’ve purchased and installed insulated shelters to ensure the cats stay warm through the cold months ahead. And we’re coordinating with the colony’s dedicated new caretakers to arrange fosters for kittens and “friendlies” until they can be adopted to “forever” homes of their own.

These small survivors have been through so much… won’t you help us give them a second chance? Your gift to their ChipIn page, in any amount, will make a difference for Herbert and the rest of the Jersey City kitties. On their behalf we thank you for caring!

Interested in fostering or adopting a friendly Jersey City Kitty? View some of the “friendlies” here. For more information contact Jade at jadesjewelry72@yahoo.com or call (201) 204-8514.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013 1:55 pm

forgive me for being cynical, but with all the scams out there, wouldn’t you want your group or cause to be as transparent as possible. I think you would get more of a positive response if you asked for volunteers to help feed or trap this “colony” rather than just ask for donations…just sayin’.

Sweet Thunder
Sweet Thunder
Thursday, January 10, 2013 12:31 pm

Oh, those poor kitties! I always feel so bad for them- glad people are helping!

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